Powerball Wins in Louisiana – $50,000 Winner Sold

Lottery players in Louisiana have had a great weekend. Friday night’s Mega Millions game generated a $40,000 winner that sold out in Louisiana. And now we’ve confirmed that last night’s Powerball drawing, Saturday January 21, also produced a grand cash prize winner from a ticket sold in Louisiana. That prize is worth $50,000.

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We should note that no tickets sold for Saturday’s drawing matched the numbers needed to claim the game’s jackpot. At the time of the drawing, the jackpot was estimated at $476.7 million USD.

This is how the balls bounced during the draw on January 21, 2023.

The Powerball website confirms that the numbers chosen were:

05 14 19 46 64 Powerball 22 Power Play x4

As we mentioned, the game did not produce a jackpot winner. There were also no Match 5 winners. But we have confirmation of at least two $50,000 winners. The Texas Lottery confirmed a $50,000 winner for last night’s drawing was sold there, but the ticket’s point of purchase was not confirmed.

4 Click Detroit Local 4 WDIV via YouTube

4 Click Detroit Local 4 WDIV via YouTube

The Louisiana Lottery has confirmed the $50,000 winner’s point of purchase that was sold at The Boot. The ticket matched four of the five cue ball numbers and the Powerball. The ticket buyer did not opt ​​for the Power Play option. Lottery officials say the ticket was sold in Harahan Louisiana.

The big money winner was sold at Sav N Time in the 6900 block of Jefferson Highway. Statewide, last night’s Powerball only produced 31 winners of $100 or more. But as the game’s jackpot continues to increase, there is no doubt that we will see more winners as more players buy into the game.

ABC News via YouTube

ABC News via YouTube

Speaking of the jackpot, Monday’s Powerball jackpot will be worth an estimated $502 million. Or, just a shadow over half a billion. That is if you go with the annuity payment plan. If you win and elect the lump sum, your payout would be approximately $271 million.

There were no winners in Lotto or Easy 5 on Saturday night. Friday’s Mega Millions game also did not generate a jackpot winner. The jackpot in that game will be $31 million on Tuesday.

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