Popular restaurant and convenience chain, Sheetz, is coming to Michigan

The times we live in are fast-paced. Everyone is so busy, and sometimes we need something to make life a little easier when we’re running at a million miles a minute. Come on in, Sheetz.

I had never heard of Sheetz until today, when I learned from WILX News 10 that Sheetz plans to open a location here in Michigan for the first time.

Sheetz is a super popular convenience chain that also serves made-to-order food. All kinds of delicious treats such as French fries, chicken, pizza, burritos, candy and more. Also, it is open 24-7-365.

Sheetz opens in Michigan

Also, reading more about Sheetz it sounds like they are a great employer to work for. Sheetz was named “Best Regional Fast Food Chain” by USA TODAY, as well as “ranked #3 Best Workplace in Retail by Fortune Magazine.” ;

  • college reimbursement through its college tuition reimbursement program
  • competitive pay
  • benefits (medical and dental insurance)
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • employee stock ownership
  • quarterly bonuses
  • holidays
  • 12 weeks of fully paid time off for new mothers

Here’s the deal though: We have to wait a couple of years before we can enjoy this new place. The Michigan location isn’t expected to start until 2025. Plus, Lansing residents will have to drive a bit to enjoy it, because they’re opening in Detroit first. Maybe they’ll finally make it all the way to Lansing? Until then, the closest location to Lansing is 149.4 miles away in Amherst, Ohio. Trip!

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