Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: XP Training Guide

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  • Simple XP Training with Forretress
  • Incredible XP farming with Chansey

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have finally arrived, and with them, many trainers are looking to climb their way to the top of the Paldean Pokémon League. Gain, as they say, is only achieved through pain. In real life, one can only become a champion through hours of grueling work. In Pokémon, however, there are numerous shortcuts to get to the top.

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The most effective shortcuts are focused on Pokémon with high XP returns — those that give a lot of XP when they are killed. Continuously farming these Pokémon is by far the fastest way to level up, and thanks to the built-in XP sharing, an entire party can benefit from a unique, fine-tuned training setup.


get a lucky egg

The protagonist of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet obtains a lucky egg from Jacq.

Introduced from Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, the lucky egg is a retained element that increases the XP gain rate of its holder by 50%. It appears to be a Chansey egg, which is fitting, considering that Chansey has one of the highest experience yields of any Pokemon.

Fortunately, getting the Lucky Egg is easy. Simply Defeat 5 Gym Leaders. and collect their badges. Jacq, the Orange (or Grape) Academy’s Biology professor, will then appear to grant you the egg. The XP bonus from the Lucky Egg, while it may not seem like a lot, really does add up over time. It’s particularly notable when combined with the other XP training methods we’re about to discuss.

Simple XP Training with Forretress

A map of northern Paldea in the Pokémon world.

For the best possible in-game training, you’ll want to start prepare sandwiches Y chansey farming. However, there is an alternative method that does not require sandwiches. At the northern end of Paldea, north of Lake Casseroya, there is a place called Socarrat Trail. Along this path is a small pond that is constantly filling up with Pokémon. fortress.

Forretress is not only relatively easy to KO, but it rewards quite a high XP yield. Not as rewarding as Chansey, but considering the large number of naturally occurring Forretress in this pond, it’s a solid training ground.

We recommend using skeledirge to train here. Forretress has a quadruple weakness to Fire, and while her ability Sturdy gives him some survival., this weakness is easy to exploit. Additionally, Skeledirge’s Ghost script allows him to completely avoid Burst — a move that Forretress throws in from time to time.

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make ham sandwiches

The Pokémon Scarlet and Violet sandwich menu.

The food power of this sandwich will increase your encounter rate with normal-type Pokémon, including the famous Chansey. First, you’ll want to fly to West Mesagoza. From the Pokemon Center, turn around and run through the circular courtyard. head to the store safe cans — is the red one on the right. Once inside, buy some pickles. Then exit the shop and turn right. Two stores past Sure Cans is artisan bakery. It’s the one with the green and white awning. Here, buy ham, mayonnaise and mustard.

Now get out of Mesagoza, organize a picnic and go to the picnic table. Choose to make a sandwich and scroll down to number eighty: the ham sandwich. Be careful when laying out your ingredients. If you miss a single pickle, you’ll be left with a subpar meal.

Incredible XP farming with Chansey

A map of northern Paldea in the Pokémon world, indicating a CP in the Northern Province (Area Three).

As mentioned, Chansey is revered by Pokémon fans for its exceptional XP returns. In previous games, “Chansey farming” has been the universally accepted method of leveling up as quickly as possible. Turns out it’s no different in Scarlet & Violet. While there are no areas in Paldea where Chansey occurs naturally in large numbers, it can zoom them in using the powers of the Ham sandwich.

After eating, fly to the Northern Province (Area Three) and head down to the green beach area with the Team Star base. With the power of food, you will start to see a lot of Chansey regularly roaming this area. It is recommended to use a Ghost-type Pokemon to take on them, as Chansey’s Normal typing makes it difficult for it to tag Ghost-types.

Chansey in the wild in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The effects of the snack will last for half an hour., which is more than enough time to farm tons of XP. Note that you can always press Right on the D-pad to see your active food powers, as well as how much time you have left until they run out. With this method, you can farm Chansey for as long as she wants, which will result in staggering gains.

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