Pick a Candy Cane Flavor and We’ll Tell You Which Christmas Episode You Should Watch

Christmas with the Addams family.
Uncle Fester could help with the lights.
Safely. 🎄

I am embarking on The Love Boat. I almost went for cherry, but the orange won out. By the way, I’ve never had a candy cane that didn’t have a mint flavor.

Peppermint sends me to the Addams Family.

Be careful! 😲

I don’t know how a Tangerine got me on the Love Boat. But I’ll take it!

Mint… Addams Family… OK!

I picked my own 🤭 Peaches N’ Cream

I chose orange. The love boat. I don’t know if that’s the episode to watch. Pretty sure it wouldn’t be. 😋

Bonanza. If that sounds good.

Of those listed, I chose pineapple, mainly because I misread the question and didn’t see that I was supposed to choose a favorite CANDY CANE.
My favorite candy cane is not on the list. It’s candy. (And I count “bar candy” and “candy cane” as the same thing: one is simply folded on a hook.)

But for Christmas, I want something that is getting harder to find these days…

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Dammit! I can’t hit the like button repeatedly!

Your cache could be full. You could only hope it was your money box. 🎁 But still… maybe logging back in would help!

Well, I *can* actually hit it multiple times. But if I do, it just toggles between likes and dislikes. I can’t punch in dozens of likes, like I wish I could.

Funny. Yes, it limits us to just one like, however clever they are.

What has always fascinated me is that they have never included the opposite button.

As Disqus used to play around with that backlash. It caused quite a bit of friction, which they could have eliminated by now. Of course, it’s a platform that publishers pay for, so those who foot the bill use it for a purpose.

I like mint, chocolate or sweet cake 😋

Is there more than one flavor? And I have never seen “CwtAF”.

Me traditional, I have the Addams family. Have you seen the weird candy cane flavors this year? Butter, mac and cheese, pickle, brisket, bacon, ketchup, hot dog, pho, Caesar salad, kale, green apple, sour cream and onion, shiitake mushrooms, and sardines. I also saw some good ones: Lemonhead, Hot Tamales, Red Hots, Chocolate mint, Funfetti cake, wintergreen, 7Up, A&W, Dr Pepper. Happy Holidays!

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Some very interesting flavors. 😝

I have no idea about anything Harry Potter. What’s with those weird jelly bean flavors? Earwax? Threw up? Worm? 🤢

I haven’t read the books. But in the movies it’s really just a bit of throwaway dialogue. Because they’re the product of magic, jelly beans can literally have *any* flavor, and you never know what you’re going to get. When Jelly Belly made a related product to the real world, of course they couldn’t handle magical jelly beans, but they did come up with a weird variety of flavors, including several mentioned on-screen.
Personally, I find the “soap” ones have a kind of “spicy” aftertaste.

Thanks for the explanation. I think I would prefer soap or herb over some of those other gummy options. 🥴

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