Outlook for Living By Reverend Brad Morris: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. Well, it’s here again. Isn’t it amazing? It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we finished last year’s holiday season turkey. I know it’s been longer than that, but where does the time go?

We’ve all heard the old expression: “How time flies when you’re having a good time!” Well, all I can say is that last year must have been a wild and happy time for me. I can’t believe another year is ending, again. Life slows down for no one. It advances the same for all of us. But sometimes it seems to speed up for some of us.
I think back to my childhood and remember the excitement at my parents’ house during the Christmas season. Thanksgiving was an exciting time. My parents’ friends stopped by to see us. Sometimes they let us know that they were going to pass, but sometimes they arrived without prior notice. Either way, it was a special treat for us kids. Mom would give us some pie or cake and a glass of milk, and then her kids, me and my little brother would go off to play while the adults sat and talked, drank coffee, and ate Mom’s homemade cakes or pies. . Yes, the holidays were a time when people planned to slow down and enjoy life.
Beginning with the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and continuing through the end of the year, it seemed as if my parents’ lives slowed down from their normal hustle and bustle. They planned more time for family-oriented activities. Dad came home a little earlier from his hairdresser’s. Mom was always baking cakes, pies, and cookies. Thanksgiving for us was just as much fun and generated almost as much anticipation and anticipation as Christmas. No, we didn’t have gifts or gifts for Thanksgiving, well, not like Christmas anyway.
Mom would let my little brother Don and I help her get started preparing for the annual fruitcake baking event. Now, most people don’t like fruitcakes. I love them, ahem, I love my mother’s fruitcakes. I have never tasted another fruitcake quite like Mom’s. As she used to say, my mother would let us help her prepare the dough, and then she would start putting them in the oven. I can still remember the smell of those cakes and other Christmas cakes and treats that she baked. Mom baked mountains of fruitcakes, pies, and cookies.
The best part wasn’t eating them though, believe me it was good. No, the best part was yet to come. Once you had everything baked, for several days or a week, you had cakes and pastries spread all over your dining room table and kitchen cabinets. Then the fun began. My brother Don and I along with my mother were beginning to decide who we were going to give these cakes and pies to. (Mom already had a list in her head, that’s how she knew how many to bake.) We’d suggest a friend, a neighbor, or a schoolteacher, and Mom would smile and say, “Yeah, they’d enjoy this no.” Don’t you think?
He ordered cakes or pies to be baked for each of our school teachers, the postman, the garbage collectors, the newspaper delivery man, the old people locked up in the church, our neighbors. I don’t recall any of these people giving us anything back, except maybe a thank you card or letter for the gift of love. I don’t remember ever thinking that we should have gotten something in exchange for someone. I only remember the warm feelings when mom would let me or my brother give these lovingly made gifts to these people. It felt good, giving something to someone, without thinking about what you would receive in return. Some of the neighbors brought a similar gift to our house, but for the most part, all the joy for us was in giving. Mom never gave to get anything back.
Thanksgiving continues to be a wonderful time to share God’s bounty with others, without expecting anything in return. “And let the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, to which you were called in one body. And be thankful.” (Colossians 3:15)
Make this Thanksgiving a joyous time for your family, especially if you have young children in your home. May they learn the true joy of giving. Let them experience the true meaning of Thanksgiving, blessing others with the bounty with which God has blessed you!

Brad Morris, a retired minister, originally from Georgetown, served as a pastor and later as a missionary in Costa Rica and Ecuador, can be contacted at [email protected] He has been in the ministry for 53 years and as a columnist for 18 years.

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