Omya launches range of natural fiber powder


The new range consists of apple fibre, oat fibre, and cocoa fibre: all-natural, clean-label ingredients, with no chemical treatment or E-numbers.

Omya launches range of natural fiber powder

The chemical industry company Omya has introduced a new range of natural fiber powders, consisting of apple fiber, oat fiber and cocoa fiber.

By increasing the healthy fiber content of the formulation, micronized powders allow health or nutritional claims to be made for the final product. In addition, the ingredients contribute to the natural binding of water, improve texture and promote emulsification and thus allow for a smooth production process.

Apple, oat and cocoa fiber is processed by micronizing sterilized nut skins and pomace, kernel husks or shell parts into powders with different particle sizes to create powder solutions suitable for specific applications.

All powders are 100% natural and insoluble. In terms of functional water-binding and fat-mimicking properties, fiber solutions allow a reduction of sugar and fat content in a formulation and thus improve the nutritional quality of a food product. Manufacturers may also use the powders to increase the fiber content of the finished product, thus making claims on the package such as “source of fiber” or “high fiber” if necessary. In addition to nutrition claims, dietary fiber solutions also allow for the promotion of health claims related to normal bowel function.

Today more than ever, consumers place special emphasis on the highest quality and safety of the food they eat.

Cocoa fiber is ideal for all applications where the perception of cocoa in combination with improved nutritional value of a food is highly desirable from a consumer perspective. Flavor-neutral oat fibers are a versatile dietary fiber solution designed to bring natural functionality and fiber enrichment not only to a wide range of bakery and snack solutions, but also to vegan foods and nutritional beverages.

Apple fiber can partially replace pectins, replace modified starches, and is therefore an ideal dietary fiber solution for a wide range of food applications, such as bakery products, vegan applications, dips and sauces, and fruit preparations. .

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Stefan Lander, Vice President of Consumer Goods, Group Sales and Marketing at Omya, said: “Today, more than ever, consumers place special emphasis on the highest quality and safety of the food they eat. At the same time, manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to produce effective products in the most efficient way possible. Since Omya has been committed to implementing sustainability at all levels since its founding, we are delighted to support both parties with value-added ingredients that help maintain the balance between health and the environment.”


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