Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra is Switzerland’s ‘Ambassador of Friendship’.

Switzerland Tourism has teamed up with Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra as a friendship ambassador to promote its outstanding tourist destinations to burgeoning Indian travelers. As part of his new tenure, Chopra will share his experiences exploring the country and its many offerings for tourists, including snow sports, hiking, biking and adventure sports.

Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra is Switzerland's 'Friendship Ambassador'

Neeraj Chopra is India’s prominent youth icon and regularly travels to Switzerland for his training and tournaments. After he finishes the season, he loves to extend his stay for some much-needed rejuvenation and also to get some adrenaline rush. Among the main destinations that Chopra has visited are Interlaken, Zermatt and Geneva.

Neeraj was in Zurich in September of this year for the Diamond League Championship. After winning it, she went with her friends on a vacation that coincided perfectly with her love of adventure. From canyon jumping, skydiving, speed boating in Interlaken to exploring snowmobiling and sledding at Jungfraujoch, Monsterbiking, hiking, paragliding and a helicopter tour in Zermatt, the crew covered them all.

He also explored the city of Geneva through a unique running tour. He traveled by eTuktuk to the United Nations to pay tribute to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. But the icing on the cake was your river rafting tour to the iconic Lake Geneva to see the famous Geneva landmark – the Jet d’eau.

Recalling her memorable experience, Chopra recounted: “Switzerland is my favorite international vacation destination! It’s so beautiful wherever you look at it! It was great to spend time exploring the country after the season. I also wanted to show it to my friends and family. It was the best place to relax after a hectic season for me. You feel refreshed anywhere in the country, whether you’re in the mountains or just hanging out in the city! But what excited me was the opportunity to experience the adventurous side of the country with my closest friends. I was excited to show them Interlaken and Zermatt, which are known for their adventure activities, but also that it is possible to enjoy the outdoors in Geneva, which is the second largest city in Switzerland. We tried everything from canyon swing to river rafting to paragliding and skydiving, among other activities. And of course it helps to know that Switzerland is the safest place for all kinds of adventure sports.”

Speaking about the collaboration with Neeraj Chopra, Misha Gambetta, Director-India, Switzerland Tourism said: “India is a very important long-haul market for us! And it’s great to have a friendship ambassador from India representing Switzerland. Neeraj is an icon and a huge outdoorsman, and he will be the perfect person to showcase Switzerland’s sporting side. We look forward to working with him to achieve a successful campaign.”

“Switzerland Tourism sees great potential to attract different types of visitors and the outdoor segment is a particularly interesting space from a post-Covid India perspective. More and more Indians are realizing the importance of enjoying the outdoors and being active. Through our association with Neeraj Chopra, we hope to seize that opportunity. We will work closely with Neeraj to promote Switzerland through her eyes as an athlete who loves the outdoors. Switzerland has everything a tourist looks for during a vacation: fresh air, beautiful mountains, untouched nature, unique cities and monuments, and an incredibly efficient public transportation system. It is also a perfect destination to enjoy some nature activities. There are different levels of hiking and biking, water sports, and action-packed activities like rafting, skydiving, and winter snow sports, so Neeraj will be spoiled for choice as a Friendship Ambassador!” said Ritu Sharma, Deputy Director of Tourism Switzerland.

Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra is Switzerland's 'Friendship Ambassador'

Neeraj Chopra donated her gold-winning javelin to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, in September of this year. The museum founded by the International Olympic Committee in 1993 shows the richness and diversity of Olympism through history, culture, design, technology and sociology with sport as the main element. Gloves worn by Mary Kom as well as Dhyan Chand’s hockey are also part of the exhibits at the Museum.

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