Odunlade Adekola received a lot of money and cakes, cakes, frames and others on his 46th birthday (video) –

Yaron ranar haifuwa Odunlade Adekola ya nuna alfahari da nuna irin makudan kudade da kek da kuma wasu kyaututtuka da ya karba a ranar haihuwarsa “>Birthday boy Odunlade Adekola proudly displays the amount of money, cake and other gifts he received on his birthday.

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Kemi Filani reported that the film’s actor expressed his gratitude to God who turned 46 today, December 31.

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Odunlade, who is celebrating the same birthday as his colleague, Femi Adebayo, took to his Instagram page to thank God. She noted how God helped him from day one.

nigerian tribune newspaper

“He is God from the first day
Thanks god.
your son is +1

My birthday present is in the link in my bio.

In a new twist, the actor who is celebrating his birthday shared a video of the birthday gifts he received. Odunlade Adekola was surprised by the large amount of bread, cakes, beer, frames, etc.

Speaking on his Instagram page, Odunlade Adekola expressed his happiness with the many awards.

“Thank you so much my sister @damselbrand2006 for this amazing @karamosurprises.”

Eniola Ajao stole the show from Odunlade Adekola’s wife

Last year, Odunlade Adekola turned 45, where Eniola Ajao and her mother, Aunt Mobo, threw a surprise for him. Eniola caused controversy online when she interrupted the dance of Odunlade Adekola’s wife, Ruth.

Kemi Filani recounted that when Odunlade Adekola’s mother was throwing money at the party, his wife entered and the singer began to flatter her by saying: “You are not a married woman, you are a good married woman…” in the Yoruba language.

As Ruth was praised as a good woman, Eniola Ajao entered the dance floor, where she began to shake her head, turning her attention back to her. The singer began to flatter her and she also danced with Odunlade’s mother again.

As if that were not enough, while giving a message of thanks, Odunlade Adekola publicly paid tribute to Eniola Ajao and her mother.

“I want to give a special thanks to Eniola Ajao who brought this with such a wonderful cake, thank you very much. And thank you very much Aunt Mobo, she is Eniola Ajao’s mother and since she adopted her as her daughter she has been incredible, Eniola told me all the time that Aunt Mobo is incredible. Thank you very much for showering me with dollars and for all this I am grateful to you… I will continue to appreciate you all, but I want to especially thank Eniola Ajao and Aunt Mobo….

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We have translated this story from English to this language. We cannot guarantee that it is correct. Please take care.

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We have translated this story from English to this language. We cannot guarantee that it is correct. Please take care.

Credit: https://nnn.ng/hausa/odunlade-adekola-ya-amshi-makudan-kudi-da-kek-kek-firam-da-sauransu-a-bikin-cikarsa-shekaru-46-video-2/


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