Oak Bakeshop has gently opened and here’s what you need to know

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Oak Bakeshop opened at 130 Cypress Street in Providence. Photo by Jamie Coelho.

I’m eating candy as I type this so please excuse the crumbs. Oak Pastryfrom the same owners PV Donuts, Lori and Paul Kettelle, opened at 130 Cypress St. in Providence. She has spent a lot of time with executive pastry chef Julia Menéndez at the helm. Last year when I put together our “Get Baked” Baking Guide, they were doing sporadic popups, but I wanted to include them at that time. A whole year has passed, but now, the “Jewish” bakery is in place and the surrounding neighborhood is grateful for its appearance just in time for Thanksgiving.

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Clockwise from top: Spinach Quiche, Chocolate Chip Scone, Honey Bread, and Oak Bakeshop Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookie. Photo by Jamie Coelho.

Here are some things you should know:

1. The hours are early. You can visit Tuesday to Sunday, 7am to 2pm. I went a bit after the 7am opening time and it wasn’t too busy. I was able to walk in the door and waited five to ten minutes to order. But I heard they sold out by 10 or 10:30 am on their first day, so keep that in mind and get there early. The coffee is still available after the baked goods run out. will also be closed November 24-28 for the holidays.

2. It is a soft opening. Please be patient as they “Continue testing and refining our recipes, and discover our operational flow for both front and back of house.”

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Scones and cookies with chocolate chips.

3. They don’t put everything up for sale at once. The pastry chefs will be busy baking in the back, but you can only buy what is available in the pastry box. You may be looking at the baked goods waiting on the shelves at the side of the kitchen, but they’re wowing sales on those items as they’re ready. I’ve tried the spinach quiche, chocolate chip scone, honey bun, and peanut butter and jelly cookie and they’re all fantastic. But I was definitely eyeing the chewy, twisty Jerusalem rolls in the back, studded with sesame seeds, so I’ll have to go back!

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Pumpkin pie slices at Oak Bakeshop.

4. He is “Jewish.” You’ll see some Jewish items, like babka, Jerusalem bagels, hamantaschen, and more, but they also have some brutally good chocolate chip buns, peanut butter and jelly cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie, and more. There will not be a fixed menu every day, and they will focus on seasonality. Items that aren’t available first thing in the morning may be on sale an hour or two later. Be flexible.

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The bakery and cafeteria at Oak Bakeshop.

5. There is a full cafeteria. It’s powered by an Italian La Marzocco espresso machine, so you can get a latte, cappuccino, cortado, mocha, and more to pair with your sweet tooth.

6. There is no place to sit (for now). They are awaiting delivery of chairs to sit in, so no place to stay yet, but they might be there on November 28th.

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Picture of @prussnerprinting On Instagram.

7. There is a lot of merchandise to buy. Choose some nifty t-shirts (made by Prussner print), candles, tumblers, house blend coffee beans, greeting cards, key chains, and more (good to know if you need a last-minute gift or pick-me-up for a friend).

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Merchandise for purchase.

8. No online orders yet. You have to personally go and choose from what is available at the time. “WWe want to take our time and learn how to do things right in person before jumping headlong into online ordering,” the owners say in an Instagram post.

130 Cypress St., Providence, roblebakeshop.com

Get all the latest updates on Instagram at instagram.com/oakbakeshop.


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