No boat? Plenty of local produce around, while the country stores remain well stocked.

THE IMPORTANCE of local produce has been highlighted after ferry links from Shetland to the Scottish mainland were canceled for four days in a row due to wind.

Some of the shelves at Tesco, for example, are empty, including the fruit and vegetable and bread aisles, as they can’t get supermarket deliveries on the ship.

But some of the shops that stock Shetland-made goods, such as bakery items, have a good supply, while some local outlets also carry fruit and vegetables.

Shetland Food and Drink chair Marian Armitage.

Shetland and Food Drink chairwoman Marian Armitage highlighted that some of the other locally produced items include milk, meat, fish and root vegetables, and all are of good quality.

“There is no question that we should be eating more of what is available in Shetland,” he said.

At the Ness Mainland Mini Market it was posted on social media that “contrary to what you can read on Facebook there is plenty of bread in Shetland, our shelves are full.”

Scalloway Meat Company said Friday it was “well stocked” despite the ship cancellations.

Photos posted by RS Henderson’s store in Cullivoe, Yell yesterday (Friday) also showed plenty of fruit and veg still in stock, from apples and avocados to cucumber and cabbage.

Armitage said local stores, which stock up differently than supermarkets, often plan ahead this time of year, knowing there may be disruptions.

She also talked about the merits of home cooking, even though she knows many are on tight budgets.

“Sometimes we are so used to the comfort of going to a supermarket and filling the cart; We really shouldn’t be doing that where we live,” Armitage said.

The last time a NorthLink ship called into Lerwick was on Tuesday morning, and the next scheduled departures are later tonight (Saturday).

However, the next northbound cargo ship will only leave Aberdeen at 6am on Sunday.

Tesco’s fruit shelves in Lerwick were empty on Friday morning. Photo: Shetland News

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