Nick Bodor (Cake Shop) & Knitting Factory opens Baker Falls in former Pyramid Club space

Nick Bodor, who was one of the owners of the Cake Shop and Bruar Falls, has acquired the space at 101 Avenue A that was formerly The Pyramid Club and plans to open a new rock club there. It will be called Baker Falls, in a nod to those two old indie rock clubs he had with his brother Andy, and he hopes to have it open in March.

Baker Falls is an idea that has been working for some time and it will be a collaboration with The Knitting Factory (who said that when the Williamsburg outpost closed this summer they would move back to Manhattan). “They’ll book through me into the performance space,” Bodor tells us. “The entrance to the performance space will have the Knitting Factory with its original Knitting Factory logo from 1987.”

“We negotiated a 15-year lease and we’re in for the long haul,” Bodor told Curbed. “Nothing is guaranteed, but I have a financial cushion for the first time. I’m the creative one here, but they’ll help with booking, too. Win-win. I’m not setting up an Instagram corner either — that’s always the model now, and that’s a shit for me.”

Bodor says that “this is not a new pyramid,” but he plans for it to be something New York City could use more: small places. He told Curbed: “There are few places in Manhattan where you can get a sizable crowd for an upcoming rock band. There’s the Bowery Ballroom; It’s an amazing venue, but it seats 650 and that’s too big for many bands. We can do 300, which is perfect.” He also says, “The club will be all-inclusive and safe, but it will be a rock club. We’ll have the sickest sound with an amazing backline.”

Nick tells us that Baker Falls will also offer “full service coffee and coffee all day and night (bigger food menu than Cake Shop),” while the bar downstairs “will be called Fever Dream and will look like the decrepit brewery manor house”. Baron Peter Doelger, who was the first to brew Pilsner in America and did so at 101 Avenue A.” He adds that “it will be decorated as a decrepit 19th century library/study/stately office with globes, coo-coo clocks , old phones ringing at random times (probably with someone interesting on the other line calling from a pay phone). That kind of thing.”

As he redesigns the space, he keeps the bar where it is, telling Curbed, “I want anyone who has visited this space in the last 40 years to feel like they’re home. The bones will be there and history will remember.” be apparent.”

There is a Baker Falls website that currently only has this on its home page:

One afternoon, a astronaut got into trouble as his ship was close to landing back on Earth.

After a harrowing re-entry and bumpy descent, it was forced to expel at the lowest height possible. The pilot parachuted into a forest and landed hard. She was disoriented and shocked.

Unable to think clearly, he looked into the distance and I saw a stately manor house deep in the forest. The pilot staggered toward the mansion, teary-eyed and off-balance.

As he got closer, he realized that the manor house was decrepit and overgrown with vines and tree branches sticking out of the broken windows. As if in a fever dream, she managed to keep getting closer to the farm. Finally, the pilot leaned against the house, brushed dirt off one of the windows, and looked inside

She saw the best party in the world

Stay tuned for more Baker Falls details.

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