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There’s good news this holiday season for health-conscious consumers as America’s favorite malt loaf brand, Soreen, delights fans with its newly revamped Deliciously Snowy Christmas Loaf core.

The must-have fruity bread of the year is bursting with a sumptuous blend of raisins, currants and cherries, along with a hint of citrus and warm winter spices, with the taste of a Christmas pudding. The perfect winter warmer, along with a mug, on a cold winter day for only 159 calories per serving.

This delicious winter treat also contains 87% less saturated fat and 38% less sugar than the average holiday pudding option, which means this holiday favorite can be enjoyed guilt-free. Soreen’s Christmas Loaf is also HFSS compliant and vegan friendly.

Additionally, the iconic brand is also bringing back its individually wrapped, limited edition Mini Loaves, which come in two fabulous flavors; Raspberry and white chocolate and gingerbread, both vegan.

Bursting with flavor and acting as a source of fiber, mini loaves are less than 100 calories per loaf, making them a tasty yet healthier treat to enjoy over the festive season.

Liz Jacobs, Soreen’s Marketing Director, commented: “We are delighted to bring back, by popular demand, our deliciously snowy mini loaves. As well as our new centerpiece Christmas Loaf revamped as an extension to our limited edition range.

“The festive season is traditionally a time of indulgence for savory treats and savory snacks, however we found that families are also interested in healthier options when preparing for the holidays. Our Deliciously Snowy range provides the perfect combination, offering families a tasty treat that is low in calories, low in saturated fat and still retains that Soreen deliciousness to satisfy taste buds, whether on the go, after or between meals.” .

Seasonal flavors are often sought after for the nostalgic and cozy feelings they provide, but with Soreen’s Deliciously Snowy range, they also have much better nutritional values.

Added Jacobs: “We intend to continue to broaden our seasonal appeal and help retailers capitalize on their seasonal sales of wrapped cakes with our limited edition variants, which are proving exceptionally popular.

“In addition, our entire Deliciously Snowy range is vegan, so it can be enjoyed by those who need to follow a dairy-free diet. Plus, they’re HFSS compliant, so there’s no compromise on flavor, which many other retailers are struggling to meet due to impending restrictions.”

New product developments and innovations have helped drive Soreen’s sales in recent years, with Soreen growing seven times faster than the cake category.

The tasty ‘Deliciously Snowy Christmas Loaf’ can now be found in the cake aisle at Asda, Morrisons and Lidl at £1.25. The limited edition white chocolate and gingerbread raspberry flavored mini loaves are £1.25 and can be found in major multi-stores and discounters.

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