New Sock Puppet Stage, Christmas Bakery Fundraisers

A Christmas bakery has opened to raise money for child sexual abuse prevention, and a new entertainment venue is coming to Burlington. Here’s the scoop on what’s happening in Alamance County this week.

Very funny

Burlington Athletic Stadium, home of the Burlington Sock Puppets, has begun planning for a new entertainment venue.

The new venue will be a three-level structure located along the first base line where friends and family can gather, enjoy a good meal and have a few beers, all with a view that makes them feel like they are playing. virtually in right field. for the Sock Puppets, according to a press release from the city of Burlington.

“Our goal is to provide a great value experience for anyone who comes to Sockville (season or off-season), and this structure will allow us to do just that,” said Sock Puppets General Manager Anderson Rathburn.

A rendering of the new Sock Puppets entertainment venue (November 2022).

The venue plans to modernize the stadium while continuing to honor its historic cladding, according to the news release.

“The new entertainment venue will greatly enhance the atmosphere and functionality of the Burlington Athletic Stadium,” said Burlington Mayor Jim Butler. “This venue will be exciting and will be one that corporate citizens, individual citizens and out-of-town visitors can all enjoy.”

The venue will allow the Sock Puppets to use the stadium year-round by hosting a variety of team off-season events from June through August, such as a possible holiday light display, according to the news release.

A rendering of the new Sock Puppets Entertainment venue (November 2022).

“The entertainment venue will truly change Burlington Athletic Stadium as we know it and allow this historic facility to not only welcome members of our community year-round, but also attract tourists and businesses to our city and county.” Rathburn said.

Currently, the concessions and gathering spaces are behind the stands, but with the new venue, guests will be able to snack, socialize and not miss a Sock Puppet home run, according to the press release.

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