New Korean corn dog spot Chung Chun opens in Burnaby

A new Korean Corn Dog spot has opened in Burnaby, and it’s right next to the Metrotown SkyTrain.

Chung Chun Rice Hot Dog is a beloved Korean hot dog chain that serves up all kinds of flavors.

For those who don’t know, Korean corn dogs are made from hot dogs, rice cakes, fish cakes, or mozzarella cheese, battered, and then deep-fried. They are finished with sugar and a drizzle of your condiment of choice like mayonnaise, ketchup, and many more. Chung Chun has a wide range of options for you to choose from with plenty of coverage options as well.

When we visited, we were recommended the ChungChun combo which came with four different dogs: the Gamsung hot dog, the ramen chips hot dog, the sweet potato hot dog, and the squid ink cheese hot dog.

It’s worth mentioning that these aren’t your average size American corn dogs and four corn dogs would be a lot for one person (no judgment if you’re a four corn dog type of person, but just a warning). But the combo split between two people is ideal, especially if you want to try a variety of flavors.

The Gamsung hot dog is one of the most traditional and popular options: a battered hot dog with potatoes. It looks especially cool because you can see the square potato chunks all over it. The sweet potato variety is the same except with (you guessed it) sweet potatoes.

The fanciest options were the ramen chip hot dogs and squid ink cheese. The ramen chip added a very nice crunch to the batter, but the star of the meal was the cheesy squid ink hot dog.

The batter was mixed with black squid ink and the hot dog was cut at the bottom into four sections so that when fried the ends would curl up to look like squid. There was a large chunk of mozzarella inside which, when bitten into, resulted in perhaps the best cheese pull ever. If this is your first time visiting, we recommend buying at least one cheesy hot dog.

You can also customize your corn dogs with 17 different toppings, including ketchup, honey mustard, chipotle, barbecue, teriyaki, sweet mayonnaise, wasabi mayonnaise, hot mayonnaise, sweet chili, hot sauce, sugar, icing sugar, cinnamon sugar , garlic butter, honey butter, cheddar and parmesan cheese. We recommend trying some sweet mayonnaise and sugar for your first visit, but you can go as crazy as you want with your toppings. Sweet and salty mix well.

The menu also includes a chocolate hot dog, which we were a bit intimidated to try, but curious (please let us know if you try it and if it’s good).

Chung Chun in Burnaby is a small place with no indoor seating so be prepared to grab it and go. There are a few benches and tables outside around the area, or you can take it to Metropolis in Metrotown to enjoy in the food court. Chun Chun also makes all of their corn dogs fresh, which means you may have to wait five to 10 minutes for your order, depending on how busy they are.

Address: 4428 Beresford Street

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