New job vacancies on offer at Wrexham bakery business

A BAKERY with 40 new jobs on the line is helping staff combat the cost-of-living crisis with delicious perks and the promise of paying at least real living wage.

Wrexham-based Jones Village Bakery has signed up to a loyalty scheme which means its 800 staff can get discounts of up to six per cent on their weekly purchases at supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda.

Reduced price deals are also available for vacations, gym memberships, restaurant meals, trips to the movies, and a host of other everyday items.

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On top of that, all employees are entitled to a 30 percent discount on award-winning Jones Village Bakery products, including bread, buns, scones, and pastries.

From December 4, the family business will pay all operational workers at least real living wage, meaning everyone, including 16-year-old school leavers, is guaranteed at least £10.90 an hour, which adds up to a starting day wage of £22,317 increasing to £31,675 for the most skilled workers at nights.

Rising star at Jones Village Bakery, Tilly Squire.  Photo: Mandy Jones

Rising star at Jones Village Bakery, Tilly Squire. Photo: Mandy Jones

Among the rising stars at the Village Bakery is Tilly Squire, 17, from Wrexham, who started there 13 months ago after deciding the university course she was on was not for her.

After initially working as a packer, she then transitioned to one of the production lines before enrolling in the company’s apprenticeship program and the opportunity to work in the state-of-the-art product development kitchen.

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She said: “I went straight to the adult salary, so I earn the same as everyone else because I do the same job. I don’t get paid less because I’m younger.”

“I’m enrolled in the learning plan and working towards my Level 2 qualification, so I’m very excited. Everything is going well.”

“Working in the New Product Development kitchen is a great opportunity for which I am very happy.

“It’s a great place to work because everyone is treated equally and with respect, everyone is friendly too.”

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According to Managing Director Robin Jones, it’s an exciting time to be joining the Village Bakery team.

Demand for the company’s market-leading products is skyrocketing after winning a series of new contracts.

They will introduce an extra shift on the new £16m production line making a range of sourdough bread products and a new line of pancakes is due to launch in the New Year.

As a result, the company is looking to hire an additional 40 employees in the coming months.

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Jones said: “Our decision to pay the Real Living Wage represents an investment of over £1m.

“We want to reward our people because they are a vital ingredient in our success story as we continue to grow.

“We need people to come on the journey with us and this is a great way to attract people to come and join the team.

“We’re not looking for people with a set of qualifications. What we need is people with the right attitude because we can teach them the skills they need.”

“Tilly is a great example of someone who is working very hard, wants to learn and is making a lot of progress, which is why she has been given the opportunity to work in our flagship development kitchen, helping the team create new products.

“He has a great future ahead of him.”

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Human Resources Manager Jason Page said: “We are a growing company and there are many opportunities here for the right people.

“The staff are our secret ingredient because they play an important role in creating the magic of Village Bakery.

“There are great payout rates and we’ve also partnered with an organization called Reward Gateway to offer all Village Bakery employees access to a platform of exclusive discounts along with other bits and pieces as well.

“Mostly, there are discounts for major retailers, major supermarkets, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, etc., which means they can enjoy a six per cent discount on their normal weekly or monthly purchase.

“There are also various other types of discounts on restaurants and trips to theaters to gym memberships.

“Our workers also get a 30 per cent discount on all the products we make and there are also free teas, coffees and other hot drinks available, so it all adds up.

“We are all going through a cost of living crisis right now, so our goal is to do everything we can to help our staff weather the economic storm.”

• Anyone wishing to find out more about the jobs available at Jones Village Bakery should email Jason Page at [email protected]

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