New bakery, sandwich shop, the fulfillment of a decades-long dream

Jason Koon Staff Writer

A local man opened a new bakery and sandwich shop in Morganton after a car accident ended his dream of owning a food truck more than three years ago.

Old Mimosa Bakery, located in the Fiddler’s Run Shopping Center, has been serving up a variety of baked goods (cakes, scones, muffins, cookies, and more) since September. While there are plenty of other bakeries in Burke County, Tim Michaels, the owner of Old Mimosa, thinks his shop is doing something a little different.

“We are the closest thing to a true French bakery,” Michaels said. “We won’t have any fat here, we won’t fry anything because the fat will penetrate everything you do.”

For pastry chef Catie Jackson, it’s the partnership between her and Michaels that sets Old Mimosa apart.

“I think we both have very high standards when it comes to willingness to work,” he said.

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“We want everything to be top notch,” added Michaels. “We are not going to compromise.”

According to Jackson, the bakery will have a rotating menu to offer variety to its customers.

“We will have certain staples,” he said. “Like the cookies change every week, like this week is giggle doodles and chocolate chip cookies and next week will have two other things.”

She said there will be danishes available and they will rotate between different seasonal fruits, cream cheese, chocolate and other toppings. They will also offer bun cakes in two different flavors each week and cinnamon buns.

“We will always have cinnamon buns, but they will have different seasonal toppings,” Jackson said.

Michaels said they will also continue to work to bring more variety to the store, from German cheesecakes and chocolate cakes to cakes and macarons.

In addition to candy, Michaels and Jackson also plan to add a sandwich shop soon. Michaels said everything is ready to go, just waiting for final inspections and permits to go through.

“What we’re trying to do is keep it simple,” Michaels said. “There are four sandwiches that will remain on the menu.”

He said they will offer a Reuben, a Cuban, the Rachel, which is basically a spicy Reuben, and chicken salad on a croissant every day, in addition to the daily specials.

“Then we will be making soups. We will have two different types of soups,” Michaels said.

He said they will also offer four individual pizza options, as well as rotating pizza specials. All Old Mimosa sandwiches will be served on freshly baked bread.

For breakfast, Old Mimosa also plans to keep it simple. Options will include biscuits and gravy, quiche, and breakfast sandwiches on freshly baked bread.

According to Michael’s, another part of Old Mimosa’s business plan is to take advantage of the government and institutional offices that surround the property by offering discounts or free delivery for large orders.

“There are so many institutions here with J. Iverson Riddle, the high school, the middle school, the elementary school, and then there’s Broughton, SECU, and the sheriff’s department,” Michaels said. “These guys mostly order and then send someone to get things, so we’re looking to provide lunches. If they order five or more lunches, we will deliver them for free.”

For Michaels, getting to this point has been a long time coming. It wasn’t just the traffic accident that wiped out its food truck in 2019 or months of renovation delays and supply chain hiccups over the past two years that pushed its opening date back. For Michaels, opening Old Mimosa is the realization of a decades-long dream.

“Cooking is what I started doing, but I ended up in construction,” he said. “It’s time to finally get back to what I love.”

Although Michaels worked for 35 years building and renovating kitchens and baths, he never forgot his culinary dreams. Over the years, she earned her culinary degree from him in her spare time, and when plans for a food truck came together, she thought the dream would finally come true. That was the truck destroyed in the 2019 accident.

After the accident, Michaels began leasing the property in the Fiddler’s Run shopping center as a commissary kitchen to support another moving business. However, her budding professional association with Jackson, whom she met while working at Root & Vine, spawned a new idea, which finally came to fruition when they opened Old Mimosa in September.

Old Mimosa Bakery is located at 134 Fiddler’s Run in Morganton. It is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 2 pm For takeout or delivery orders, call 828-475-6611.

Jason Koon is a staff writer and can be reached at [email protected]

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