Neha Sharma celebrates her birthday with these delicious treats

Neha Sharma is having the time of her life. After all, today is her birthday. The actress, who often takes the internet by storm with jaw-dropping images of herself, seems to be in a different mood today. Neha started her big day on a delicious note and has been satiating her gourmet side with delicious treats. At least that’s what we can conclude from her Instagram Stories. Neha has shared glimpses of her food adventures and has left us drooling. She shared a special birthday post of her with a delicious cake. In the video, we got to see a large cake decorated with fresh orange slices and blueberries, among other ingredients. Neha wrote, “11-21-22.” She used the hashtag, “Happy birthday to me.”

On the eve of her birthday, Neha Sharma enjoyed an exotic refreshing drink. The delicious red berry drink was topped with a green twig and ice. In the caption of her photo, Neha said, “Thank you for making my birthday so special.” If you’re craving some fancy coolers, find the recipes here. These drinks will not only accompany your food perfectly but will also keep you hydrated.

Neha Sharma also devoured some drool-worthy spaghetti cooked with quintessential ingredients. He looked very tempting. Are you also a fan of spaghetti? If yes, check out this Spaghetti Alio Olio Peperoncino Recipe for a wonderful experience.


Neha Sharma’s Food Trail showcased another sumptuous chocolate cake topped with chunks of strawberries. The creamy delight was so delicious that the actress couldn’t help but bite into it. Neha shared a photo of a half-eaten cake and said, “RIP cake.”


Well, you don’t really need a reason to enjoy a nice piece of chocolate cake. To accept? So, don’t forget to try this amazing Moist Chocolate Cake.

Here’s another beautiful cake that made it to Neha Sharma’s birthday celebration. The dessert with elaborate chocolate toppings looked delicious. She wrote: “That is such a beautiful cake.”


Neha Sharma also binged on other delicious treats. “This was heaven,” Neha wrote. Have a look.


However, Neha Sharma started her morning with a healthy breakfast. She devoured a scrumptious bowl of cereal that looked colorful and nutritious. She came with toppings of a banana slice, cereal, nuts and seeds. She wrote: “Hello, breakfast.”


The next time you want to have a healthy breakfast like Neha Sharma, stick with this Detox Breakfast Cereal Bowl. Find the recipe here.

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