National Cookie Day 2022: Giveaways and discounts from Insomnia Cookies, Potbelly, Jacques Torres and more

National Cookie Day is December 4. The “party” was started in 1987 by Matt Nader, owner of San Francisco’s Blue Chip Cookie Company, as a way of paying homage to the sweet treat.

“It’s like having National Secretaries Day,” Nader told the Los Angeles Times at the time. “It will be a fun thing to do.”

However, the origins of the biscuit itself are a bit more unclear: some point to the oatcakes that first-century Scots ate while traveling, while others look to the bakers of seventh-century Persia, who made mini “cakes” to test your ovens with.

In the 14th century, sugar was more accessible throughout Europe and even modest households could produce what we would today recognize as cookies, even if they were not called that. In 1390, the culinary guide Libro de Cucina included a recipe for Ciambella de Monaco (“Monaco pancakes”), small round cookies made with flour, sugar and lots of egg.

Check out companies celebrating National Cookie Day with free cookies, discounts, and more below.

Do you want more information about cookies? Find out which Girl Scout cookie is the best of all time and try this recipe for delicious chocolate chip cookies made with pancake batter.

great american cookies

Great American Cookies Double Cookie Doozie

Double Doozie by Great American Cookies is made with frosting sandwiched between two cookies of your choice.

great american cookies

Loyalty members who make a purchase at Great American Cookies on December 4 get a reward on their next visit within seven days, including a free regular cookie; BOGO cookie or 20 bonus loyalty points.

insomnia cookies

Stack of sleepless cookies

Get a free Insomnia Cookie with any in-store or in-app purchase, December 2-4.

National Cookie Day

Insomnia Cookies will have extended hours on National Cookie Day, when the company’s more than 225 locations will stay open an extra hour (most until 1 a.m. or later).

Plus, from December 2-4, customers get a free classic cookie with any in-store or in-app purchase. Favorites include Chocolate Chuck, Classic with M&M’s, Double Chocolate Mint, Snickerdoodle, and Peanut Butter Cup.

Jacques Torres

Jacques' Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jacques’ famous chocolate chip cookies are on sale on National Cookie Day.

Jacques Torres

On December 4, the French chocolatier will offer a 15% discount on all cookies and cookie mixes at its stores in Grand Central Terminal and Brooklyn, as well as on the Jacques Torres website.

lenny and larry

Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie

December 2-4, get 20% off cookies from Lenny & Larry’s online.

lenny and larry

From December 2-4, Lenny & Larry’s is offering 20% ​​off its high-protein cookies, including the Complete Cookie, Complete Crunchy Cookie, Keto Cookie, Boss, and Complete Cremes.

just use code NATLCOOKIEDAY in box.



Potbelly’s S’mores Cookie is made with whole wheat crackers, marshmallows and Hershey’s milk chocolate.


Potbelly is celebrating National Cookie Day by offering a free cookie to all Potbelly Perks members.

royal cookies

box of real cookies, you're great

You’re Awesome Box from Real Cookies.

Will Engelman

Connecticut-based Real Cookies is offering 25% off online orders December 4-10 when you use discount code CookieDay2022 in box.

The deal also applies to limited-edition products like the You’re Awesome Box, a display of six chocolate chip cookies, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Blueberry Lemon, plus note cards that open with inspirational messages. .

tiff’s candies

stack of cookies

On National Cookie Day, and every day, Tiff’s Treats is offering 20% ​​off your first app order.

tiff’s candies

Tiffany and Leon Chen have been baking cookies and other sweet treats at Tiff’s Treats since 1999. On National Cookie Day, visit the company’s Instagram page for promo codes for discounts on online and app orders.

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