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The season of giving and receiving gifts has officially arrived. Gone are the days when an American Girl doll and a squirt gun topped the handwritten Christmas wish list sent to Santa. We are fashionistas now, and we need to make sure our Christmas wish list reflects our high standards.

It’s hard to rummage through the expanse of currently in-vogue fashion items to find something you want, nay, need. Fashion items are my forte, so I’ve compiled a list of affordable items anyone can politely order or gift to others this holiday season.

shirts galore

The top half of an outfit draws a viewer’s attention. It has to be elegant, extravagant and original.

Doodle a cropped floral long sleeve at the top of the list. Next, she styles an abstract mesh top to show off the artsy side, a billowy jean top to show off the shoulders, and a ribbed cropped tank to show off the pecs.

Graphic tees are also all the rage right now, so add a b2ss private club t-shirt, tequila print t-shirt, The Truth t-shirt, and a Picasso t-shirt to the ever-growing list.

These tops would go perfectly with a sweet skateboard and the occasional rock ‘n’ roll hand symbol.

Pants that belong in a museum

The bottom half of a look is what separates the wearer from the fuss. Put together an outfit and make sure no one is kidding around. It has to be neutral and spicy at the same time.

Grab a typewriter and jot down a pair of MET X PacSun Van Gogh Printed Carpenter Pants. Then, hit the return button and write a pair of black and white Annorlunda retro pants, B243 flared jean pants, ring detail pants, and a long denim skirt with a slit.

For pants that can hold random pencils and brushes for class, add a pair of cargo pants to the list.

Random paint splattered pants are super trendy right now, so if gift-giving is more satisfying, grab a pair of jeans from Goodwill and hit the town adding paint splatters all over the stuff. It’s a thoughtful gift that’s sure to inspire the gift recipient to start working on a self-portrait.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

If I could choose a way to perish, I would choose to drown in the shoes. A monochrome outfit with color block sneakers is super on-trend and will turn heads.

Start this part of the huge wish list with a pair of high-top Converse sneakers with soles. Round up the rest of the shoe wish list with distressed shoes from the Sean Wotherspoon X Superstar collaboration, Memphis chunky shoes, retro color block sneakers, Comfort Foam Billie sneakers, XTC T700 MLO sneakers, and slip-on sandals. Anthony Wang platform.

Accessories that can be eaten in a pinch

Delicious complements are better than the best caviar. Bags and earrings that pay homage to food help express that the wearer knows good food and has the best list of local eateries imaginable.

Try not to salivate and add a Kate Spade Patisserie Pleated Croissant Purse to the list. Continue by adding a Sushi Current Mood Freak Roll or Rave Krisp-E crossbody bag, World’s Famous Fry Socks, strawberry shortcake earrings, and an avocado coin purse.

Now try not to eat the new Christmas presents. Also, don’t forget to check if there’s a student discount on any of these products so you can spend more money on Christmas ham than expensive gifts.

All things considered, Christmas isn’t really about the gifts. It’s more about being around the people you love and looking at the twinkling lights. So enjoy the holidays, revel in the excitement of the season, and take a couple of days off work because you deserve it.

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