My Annual List of Thanksgiving Week Irritants

Instead of another egotistical Thanksgiving week recitation that some writer is grateful for, for the sake of balance, here’s my abbreviated yearly list of irritants:

Politicians who act like it’s their money when they take credit for a public project. People who see everything through a political lens. President Joe Biden didn’t make his 401(k) go down this year, nor did he go up last year.

Airline passengers who put their bag in the overhead compartment above the second row on their way to their seats in row 20. People who act like they’ve personally achieved something when their favorite sports team wins a game.

Do everyone a favor and use the overhead bin space near your own seat.

Inflation relief checks. Intentional misnomers, such as the Inflation Reduction Act. People who assume the dumbest 1% of any group are representative of the entire group. Elected officials with embarrassing grammar.

Card readers at the point of sale. AC power plugs that occupy two points on the power strip. Breakfast muffins. it’s cake. Just say you’re having cake for breakfast.

People who move downtown and then complain about the noise downtown. Intake form from the 1990s repeatedly photocopied in the doctor’s office. It does not inspire confidence.

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