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The world is all doom and gloom these days. With the midterm elections a little behind us (not really) and the days getting shorter, sometimes it’s better to curl up on the couch and judge the locals of a quaint little town while their vacation woes play out on screen.

Christmas movies are formulaic: they’re almost always set in a frigid ski town; most of the characters work in a failed but charming business like a bakery or a bed and breakfast; and the cast will include a famous celebrity and another actor that will have you asking, “Where have I seen them before?”

Do you want a bad movie so good that it helps a little bit of that seasonal blues? Check this list.

Who said Christmas movies always have to be Christmas-centric? Autumn is here for you thanks to pumpkin pie wars, available on Peacock TV. Emeryville, Ohio Baking Best Friends Faye McArthy and Lydia Harper’s friendship ends in a spat at the annual pumpkin pie contest. Lydia is about to open a bakery with the help of her dad, and she wasn’t bringing Faye. Ten years later, the feud continues as both women run competing bakeries. Now, they have two grown sons ready to continue the pumpkin pie rivalry. But what happens when Faye’s daughter and Lydia’s son start to fall for each other?

Baking puns, bad Martha Stewart impersonations, and easy-to-resolve misunderstandings, that’s it. It’s a fun movie to laugh with a friend if you don’t want to think about Christmas until December.

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LONELY HEARTS Single All the Way features Michael Urie's Peter (left) bringing his best friend Nicholas home for Christmas as his fake boyfriend.  - PHOTO COURTESY OF MUSE ENTERTAINENT ENTERPRISES

  • Photo courtesy of Muse Entertainment Enterprises
  • LONELY HEARTS only until the end features Michael Urie’s Peter (left) bringing his best friend Nicholas home for Christmas as his fake boyfriend.

Michael Urie (from Ugly Betty fame) plays Peter, a single man in Los Angeles who has been burned by the dating scene. After his plan to bring his boyfriend home for Christmas backfires, he drags his best friend Nicholas over to meet his New Hampshire family. Peter’s plot to make Nicholas his fake boyfriend backfires when his mother (Kathy Najimy) sets him up on a blind date. Will Peter finally find love? Will he realize that true love is right in front of him? Turn on Netflix to find out!

only until the end it still has all the tropes of a Christmas movie, but Urie, Najimy, and Jennifer Coolidge are a fun cast that makes for a more bearable viewing experience. It’s also refreshing to see romantic partners who aren’t your typical white, blonde, and nondescript duo.

Lindsay Lohan returns to acting and chose a Christmas movie for her comeback! She plays Sierra Belmont, and the name alone should tell you that she’s a pampered, wealthy hotel heiress. Sierra and her snooty fiancé go skiing in a blizzard and she falls off a cliff. She suffers from memory loss, but don’t worry! Jake, the handsome and humble owner of a bed and breakfast (Chord Overstreet of Happiness fame) finds her unconscious, and she regains her memory while living with him. Head over to Netflix and guess what happens next in this predictable story.

falling in love with christmas trust Lohan to make it a success. There’s even a big Bad Girls Reference in the movie. It could have worked. IndieWire wondered if the film was “Lohan’s Citizen Kane.” That’s a bit of an exaggeration. But if you want more Lohan, Netflix is ​​happy to provide it. irish wish—a St. Patrick’s Day-themed movie. I’m positively dizzy.

Tired of the saccharin of other Christmas movies? Temper it with ’80s grit.

I’m not even going to debate if die hard it’s a holiday movie. I’ll only say you’re wrong if you don’t think you are. No Christmas movie list is complete without Bruce Willis and gratuitous shots of his bare feet on glass!

NYPD officer John McClane (Willis) tries to save his wife and colleagues who have been taken hostage by German terrorist Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) at a Christmas party in the fictional Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. Buckle up for two hours of yippee ki-yay glory. Δ

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