M&M Food Market Tips for Entertaining During the Holidays

The food innovation team of M&M Food Market has shared an entirely new term: app-cuterie.

So what is a beauty app?

It’s M&M Food Market’s fun way to swap out traditional cured meat and cheese spreads with a selection of delicious, crunchy snacks from the oven or fryer.

The idea is based on a number of trends, one of which is the growing popularity of snack-only meals.

It also has its roots in M&M Food Market’s 40+ years of helping novice and expert home chefs save valuable vacation time without sacrificing quality.

App beauty tips

The experts at M&M Food Market have come together to provide some helpful tips and advice for anyone interested in making their own app for friends and loved ones.

Decide on the selection: One of the best parts of app entertainment is the variety. Knowing what to have on hand can be tricky, but the experts at M&M Food Market have done the math:

  • 10-12 diners = assortment of 5-6 appetizers
  • 25 diners = assortment of 8-9 appetizers
  • 50 diners = assortment of 11-12 appetizers

Know your amounts: Running out of food is memorable for all the wrong reasons. Just remember that your app-cuterie will replace an entire meal, so plan on 6-8 appetizers per guest.

You don’t need to be a culinary artist: Gather wooden cutting boards and fun-looking dinnerware, a baking sheet, or a cast iron serving pan. Dress them in parchment paper and mix them with garnishes like lemon wedges, parsley sprigs, and colorful vegetable slices. Grab some tongs, skewers, or toothpicks and watch your guests light up (and I’m sorry I didn’t think of the app for entertainment).

Here are some curated selections from M&M Food Market Easy to make appetizers and delicious dessert options from the holiday list, for anyone interested in making their own app-cuterie around the holidays.


Gourmet Mushroom and Black Truffle Oil Flatbread

Stone-baked for authentic flavor and texture, this delicious flatbread is perfect as a main dish or appetizer.

M&M Food Market Holiday Entertainment Tips

With a touch of black truffle oil, a trio of cheeses and a delicious curation of Gourmet mushroom varieties, you can enjoy a good dinner at home.

Double Pepperoni Gourmet Flatbread

This delicious shareable platter is a love letter to our fellow pepperoni aficionados who agree you don’t have to sacrifice quantity for quality.

M&M Food Market Holiday Entertainment Tips

With a stone-baked crust, melted mozzarella cheese, and a generous decadent topping of sliced ​​and diced pepperoni flatbread, it’s here to take your taste buds to new heights.

Crispy Cream Cheese Bites Everything

Living up to their name, these Crispy Everything Cream Cheese Bites truly have it all.

M&M Food Market Holiday Entertainment Tips

With a cream cheese core surrounded by a savory mix loaded with onion, garlic, sesame, and poppy seeds, these bites are here to give your snack staples a run for their money.


Lavalicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

When classic desserts collide, the results are simply delicious.

M&M Food Market Holiday Entertainment Tips

Discover the double deliciousness of a molten chocolate center within the chewy goodness of these chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Christmas log

Traditional European-style brownie rolled around a smooth dark chocolate mousse, covered in chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate curls.

M&M Food Market Holiday Entertainment Tips

Vanilla and Raspberry Christmas Log

Vanilla sponge cake rolled around a smooth vanilla mousse and raspberry filling, topped with vanilla mousse and topped with dark and white chocolate curls.

M&M Food Market Holiday Entertainment Tips

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