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Members of the Socialist Workers Party and the Communist Leagues of Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom met their targets and gained 1,352 new readers for the Militant and publish 1,503 books by SWP leaders and other revolutionaries during the eight-week international campaign that ended on November 15. In the US, contributions totaling $142,936 were raised for the SWP Party-Building Fund.

Welcome to all our new readers and congratulations to everyone who participated!

The activists spoke to hundreds of workers and farmers at the gates of cities and rural areas, introducing the SWP candidates and their working-class program, as well as the party’s two statements: “Let’s stand for Ukraine’s independence! For the defeat of the invasion of Moscow!” and “Demand that Washington end its economic war against Cuba! Now!” both issued by SWP national secretary Jack Barnes on behalf of the party’s national committee. Activists joined the actions in support of widespread demonstrations in Iran and in opposition to Washington’s embargo against Cuba.

At pickets and rallies of railway workers, bakers, nurses and others, the Militant it was prized as an invaluable place to find the truth, and the latest news, on these working-class battles and the newspaper’s efforts to broaden support.

The effort was supplemented by party election campaigns in the US and Canada. The candidates explained why confronting the Democrats’ assault on constitutional liberties is the most important issue today, as workers seek to defend our class against the growing efforts of capitalists to push their economic crisis on our backs.

Response of workers in struggle

As the campaign drew to a close, members and supporters of the Communist League of Canada joined the 15,000 picket on November 4 in Toronto’s Queen’s Park and other actions in support of the two-day strike and the continuous struggle of school workers to defend their right. of strike. The 55,000-member Canadian Public Employees Union and 8,000 education workers in the Ontario Public Service Employees Union forced the conservative provincial government to withdraw Bill 28, one of the biggest attacks on union rights in years.

“We are fighting for the right to strike against a draconian law,” John Roberts, a CUPE trustee, told League member Steve Penner. “Without the right to strike, workers have no voice and no way to fight for better wages and working conditions.”

“I completely agree with you, and we can go further,” Penner said, “Our unions must break their support for capitalist parties and build a union-based labor party that can fight to establish a workers’ union. and farmers. government that will act on our behalf instead of the wealthy capitalist rulers.”

Vicky Mercier, an amazing teacher who wrote some of the MilitantCoverage of his battle described an argument he had with CUPE member Dawn Edwards. “Wages and benefits are important,” Edwards said, “but to me the problem is the government taking away our civil liberties, our constitutional rights.”

The workers of the solidarity actions bought 10 Militant subscriptions and 29 books. Going door to door in Toronto, League members and supporters found widespread support for the school workers’ fight.

In Minneapolis, the Diaspora Forces, a West African group that provides support to people from Togo and other West African countries, invited the SWP campaign to set up a literature table at their meeting. Doug Nelson, the SWP candidate for mayor of Minneapolis in 2021, brought greetings to the gathering. Two participants subscribed to the Militant and purchased four Pathfinder books, including Thomas Sankara Speaks in english and french.

SWP members Edwin Fruit and Mary Martin visited long-term subscribers to the Militant and people who were introduced to the party through the SWP’s 2021 and 2022 election campaigns in Minnesota. After explaining how the party is financed by worker contributions, one person contributed $42 and another gave $50 to the SWP Party Building Fund. Another person they called came to the pre-election rally at campaign headquarters on November 5 and gave a $50 contribution.

In Pie Worth, Texas, Alyson Kennedy, the SWP 2022 candidate for Texas Governor, and Gerardo Sanchez, the party’s candidate for US Congress, installed campaign banners featuring a book display in the trunk of their a car in the parking lots of some grocery stores. During discussions with the workers there, they sold six books and three subscriptions to the Militant.

“I moved here from California, where I couldn’t survive making $15 an hour and paying $10 a gallon for gas and high rents,” Luci Alvarez told Sánchez on November 13.

“Our unions,” Sánchez said, “can lead a fight for cost-of-living adjustments on all union contracts, as well as Social Security and other benefits, that keep up with inflation.”

Cameron Standmire, a warehouse worker, subscribed to the Militant and a copy of Work, nature and evolution of humanity.

The SWP and the Communist Leagues plan to build on the success of the campaign, continue to publicize the struggles of the working class today and foster solidarity. To join, contact the party branch closest to you in the directory.

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