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Fresh, pliable corn tortillas can be only a few hours off the press when paired with a plate of spicy chorizo, eggs, and plantains for a breakfast platter. Some of the same tortillas are tied tightly around shredded chicken and fried to make Honduran tacos. More are cut into triangles as the base for nachos that are dripping with cheese.

mawi nachos

Nachos made from Mawi’s own tortillas are topped with beans, cheese and shrimp at the Metairie restaurant for a Central American flavor. (Personal photo by Ian McNulty, | The Times-Picayune)

No matter how they end up, all tortillas started as part of a father’s dream that his children made come true.

This dream had to evolve to survive the pandemic crisis, but now it has expanded into a much more complete restaurant, one that works in its own way with Central American flavors.

mawi tacos

Honduran tacos stuffed with chicken and drizzled with salsa dressing on Mawi Tortillas. (Personal photo by Ian McNulty, | The Times-Picayune)

This is Mawi Tortillas, run today by the brothers Fernando and Will Avelar and their father, Carlos. When it opened, it was a micro bakery making corn tortillas out of a store shoebox in a Metairie strip mall.


Father and son Carlos and Will Avelar, along with Iris Elvir, left, and Isabel Perdomo, right, make fresh tortillas at Mawi Tortillas in Metairie, shown here Tuesday, June 4, 2019, before they the operation was expanded.

It was primarily a wholesale operation. When the pandemic shut down restaurants, the business of supplying them came to an abrupt halt. As a consequence, they spent less money on fresh tortillas, a dynamic that also affected artisan bread producers.

mawi everything

A variety of Mawi Tortillas items, including fresh tortillas, Honduran quesadillas, bean sauce, ceviche, crema, and chicharrones.

To survive, the Avelars set up a small kitchen to make dishes for lunch. Support from the community feeding program set up by the Krewe of Red Beans kept it going and Mawi began to gain a following.

The initial hook was the birria tacos, that social media sensation that doubles as tacos crossed with quesadillas crossed with French dip. Will Avelar’s recipe cooks brisket with the earthy heat of guajillo and ancho chiles to fill grilled fried tacos and served with broth for dipping.

mawi tacos1

Birria tacos with broth for dipping at Mawi Tortillas in Metairie. The rich fried tacos with cheese are a constant specialty in the restaurant.

Birria is still a mainstay on the menu, but a lot has changed since those days.


mawi room

Mawi Tortillas expanded from a small counter-service operation to a restaurant with a full dining room, occupying the adjacent space in its Metairie shopping center. (Personal photo by Ian McNulty, | The Times-Picayune)

In November, Mawi took over the adjacent shop, a former insurance office, more than doubling its space and adding its first proper dining room.

The menu has grown accordingly, from what had initially been a rotation of daily specials to a restaurant-sized list served during breakfast, lunch, and early dinner (until 7pm).


Freshly made tortillas stacked up at Mawi Tortilleria in Metairie on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

The heart of it all remains the same family story. Carlos Avelar emigrated from El Salvador in the 1970s while his country was in the throes of revolution. He built a life and a family in New Orleans. He still pined for the fresh tortillas that were a daily staple at home, and longed to create a family business, a legacy, and something for his community.

mawi will2

Will Avelar works in the kitchen at Mawi Tortillas, the Metairie restaurant that started as a tortilla bakery. (Personal photo by Ian McNulty, | The Times-Picayune)

His eldest son, Will, had a career in haute cuisine and was the opening chef at Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant Meril. He surprised many, including his father, when he left that high-profile position to build Mawi full-time.

This has become an increasingly multifaceted business, and customers have been leading it.

mawi2 brothers

Will (left) and Fernando Avelar together run Mawi Tortillas in Metairie with their father Carlos. (Personal photo by Ian McNulty, | The Times-Picayune)

“More than anything, I love that our business has been run by our customers. People feel that we are here for them,” said Will Avelar.

Comfort food, chef riffs

mawi bfast1

Chorizo, eggs, plantains and casamiento rice and bean mix served with fresh tortillas, avocado and cream in Mawi Tortillas. (Personal photo by Ian McNulty, | The Times-Picayune)

The restaurant did not have a breakfast menu until people started asking for it. The family hadn’t considered adding a dining room until they saw how many people were eating on site, at one of the few small tables near the counter or in their cars, wolfing down pupusas in the parking lot.

People have also been ordering drinks, especially margaritas. That has prompted Mawi to seek a liquor license, which could go live in the coming weeks to serve Central American beers and spiked versions of agua fresca, the fresh tropical juices they now make in house (I can confirm from home tests that the mango pairs well with reposado tequila).

The breakfast dishes, which are served until late in the afternoon (cut-off time varies), are simple and well composed.

mawi cassava eggs

Fried yucca and crispy pork shoulder are topped with eggs for a Central American breakfast dish at Mawi Tortillas in Metairie. (Personal photo by Ian McNulty, | The Times-Picayune)

One starts with yuca logs with a crunchy exterior texture like potato chips and a soft, fluffy interior, alongside meaty chunks of chicharrón with their own contrast of crisp to tender and flavors of cumin and smoky achiote. A couple of eggs on top give breakfast credentials.

mawi cassava birria

Fried yucca with cabbage and birria-style meat at Mawi Tortillas, the Metairie restaurant that started as a tortilla shop. (Personal photo by Ian McNulty, | The Times-Picayune)

The same yuca returns later in the day with cabbage and dressing, the creamy Honduran pink sauce, and you can get a dose of birria with this, too.

maui sauce

Trompa de Chucho is a hot sauce from El Salvador served at Mawi Tortillas in Metairie. The red sauce has a fiery kick. (Personal photo by Ian McNulty, | The Times-Picayune)

Try any dish with a very careful sprinkle of the spicy hot sauce, a bottled brand called Trompa de Chucho, which Carlos Avelar himself brings from El Salvador.

The nachos give off a sturdy crunch, even under layers of earthy black beans and creamy cheese. For one version, Avelar tops them with shrimp cooked with a chili glaze that adds a sweet and sour flavor.

It’s a gastrique, and one of the riffs from his days as an upscale restaurant chef still flicker across Mawi’s menu.

His skills find other outlets, including the private chef jobs he’s been taking for special events at people’s homes. The restaurant also has a catering menu in the works.


Father and son, Carlos and Will Avelar, at Mawi Tortilleria in Metairie on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

Mawi still feels the same, but bigger and with more capacity to house. The dining room is decorated like a home cafeteria, with a collection of home-style tables and art prints. Will Avelar likes it because the space is “stroller friendly,” which encourages more families to eat here.

As the business changed, Mawi moved tortilla production to a larger dedicated facility in Kenner. He continues to work in the city’s restaurant supply chain. The shutdowns early in the pandemic and the rebound since then underscored how his fates are tied.

mawi tacosv

Honduran tacos stuffed with chicken and drizzled with salsa dressing on Mawi Tortillas. (Personal photo by Ian McNulty, | The Times-Picayune)

“As restaurants grow, so do we,” Avelar said. “They bring us with them.”

Mawi Tortillas

5050 W. Esplanade Ave., Metairie, (504) 644-2624

Mon.-Sat. 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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