Man Collapses After Finding Out The Birthday Cake He Came To Pick Up Was Actually For Him

The pandemic was hard on everyone. One thing that made staying in the place a bit more bearable though was having the ability to order the things we needed.

Clothes, medicine, and even food still found their way to our doors thanks to delivery guys, aka the men and women who didn’t always get the recognition they deserved, but still hit the road every day. And that’s why this story is so sweet.

The unexpected gift that a delivery man received

delivery man dressed in blue and a mask

Picking up an unprecedented number of food orders and delivering them to people’s homes wasn’t just an ongoing job for a few essential workers; it also put them at risk of contracting coronavirus.

So you can only imagine how tired and potentially stressed a delivery man in Wuhan, China was a couple of years ago when he came to work at a bakery and was sweetly surprised.

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In a video that has since gone viral, the man showed up at the bakery to pick up a cake order and was shocked to see his own name. A stranger wanted to do something nice, so he ordered a slice for the man in addition to his own order.

“I asked for an extra piece for the food delivery man. Remember to eat on time,” said a note on the receipt, according to understand compassion.

How a man reacted to the gift he received from a stranger

At first, the man couldn’t believe that the cake was for him. He thought there must be some kind of mistake. “He kept asking if someone really bought him the cake, and I would say yes every time. Someone bought the cake for you,” said the cashier.

Video then captured the man as he took his piece of cake, walked out and sat down. Helmet still on, he lowered his mask and blew out the birthday candle, fighting back and wiping away tears.

The person who ordered the extra piece had no way of knowing that the delivery man’s birthday had just passed, so it was an incredibly thoughtful and touching gift. And of course, it also inspired many others to thank essential workers on social media.

How a stranger demonstrated the importance of appreciating everyone

Everyone’s experience during the pandemic was unique, but one thing we can all agree is that kindness and compassion were key in getting people through one of the most difficult times we’ve collectively experienced.

This story reminds us that it is still essential to practice those things in our daily lives, particularly when it comes to service workers, who have been hit especially hard by the pandemic.

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Showing appreciation can be as simple as remembering some good advice and a friendly smile, or it can be going the extra mile and giving a great review or recommendation.

At the end of the day, this pandemic showed how much communities need to lean on each other to get ahead. Therefore, it is important that each person who contributes to those communities feel appreciated and seen.


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