Mad Batter Pastry Emporium opens in Amherst

Amherst has a new bakery, just in time for the holidays as

Mad Batter Pastry Emporium, 7664 S. Leavitt Road, is the vision of owner Sasha Ford.

The specialty desserts at Mad Batter have quite a history, Ford said.

“I always wanted to do something in baking or cooking,” she said. “I grew up learning to bake from my stepfather, who is Sicilian, and from my grandmother, who is Hungarian and Croatian.”

By opening the first Mad Batter location, 129 W. Herrick Ave. in Wellington, three years ago, Ford took the first step in fulfilling his culinary dreams.

“I used to work for Huntington Bank and on a whim I decided to quit and become a stay at home mom,” she said. “However, as I was driving through town one day, I saw that the local bakery was for sale, so I looked at my mom and said, should we?

The answer was a resounding “yes,” and Ford said he’s gone.

“I had lived in Italy for a while before coming back to Ohio, because my husband, Greg Ford, was in the airborne infantry,” she said. “There I learned to make many more types of sweets like tiramisu, different types of cannolis and almond cakes.

Taking lessons from her grandparents and her Peruvian mother, Carlota Derifaj, Sasha Ford has built quite the repertoire when it comes to baking.  (submitted)
Taking lessons from her grandparents and her Peruvian mother Carlota Derifaj, Sasha Ford has built quite the repertoire when it comes to baking. (submitted)

“When I bought the bakery, I didn’t know they were known for their homemade donuts.”

Ford said that prompted her and her family to return to the kitchen to perfect their recipes and bring the delicacies back to Wellington.

Surviving the coronavirus pandemic but struggling with supply issues, Ford said he soon found himself in a troubled place not knowing if the bakery could continue.

“My husband also had a comeback from brain cancer and we have three little ones, so there were definitely some issues,” she said. “But, he is my biggest support and he kept pushing me to continue.”

Not only did he persevere, but he opened the second location on October 29 in Amherst.

“I had seen that The Hive was gone and Little Devil Cupcakery in Amherst was closing, so I thought, well, they’re going to need a bakery, let’s try here,” Ford said.

The business flourished.

Mad Batter already has its fair share of customers at the new location, each raving about the different treats, Ford said.

“We do donuts, custom cakes, weddings, lots of things for the Browns, and then of course all the different types of cakes and desserts that I learned to make with my family,” she said. “Because we do so much, we didn’t want to put ourselves in one category, so we decided to go with Emporium.”

As for the Mad Batter part of the name, Ford laughs it off and it comes down to how he bakes.

“If you ever see me bake, that part will make sense,” she said. “It’s not like I’m the one who’s angry per se, he’s the hitter who tends to have a mind of his own sometimes.”

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