Lyme Regis Chef to Launch Bakery and Participate in London Residency

A Lyme Regis chef has spoken about her excitement about opening a wild foods bakery and taking part in a week-long residency at a London restaurant.

Harriet Mansell plans to open the bakery at her Michelin Guide restaurant, Robyn Wylde, in the next two weeks, offering a selection of sweet and savory pastries and breads.

His move to produce artisan breads and cakes will allow his business to evolve as the cost of living crisis has hit, especially with the impact of rising energy bills and rising food costs during a period in which that the restaurant stops serving its evening menu for a while. short period of time.

Harriet said: “We are very excited, we are going to take it slow and steady and we are very proud. We’re not going to do it all at once.”

The bakery will supply his other Lyme Regis restaurant and wine bar, Lilac, as well as offering baked goods to passers-by.

Artisanal bakes will stick with the Robin Wylde ethos, featuring locally sourced and foraged ingredients such as wild mustard, wild garlic and dandelion roots.

The chef described the flavors as “an explosion of everything in season.”

She said: “We source food sustainably and make sure we never search for more than we need, allowing people to see the flavors that exist in our corner of the world, transporting the senses.

“There are so many different plants and flavors, especially from a sensory perspective.”

Meanwhile, the chef will be doing a week-long residency at the Carousel restaurant in Fitzrovia from February 28 to March 4 in collaboration with the botanist.

Carousel features an ever-changing lineup of talented chefs with a new guest chef joining them each week.

Harriet said: “They got in touch a couple of years ago, but due to lockdown restrictions, plans fell through.”

She plans to ‘bring a slice of the West Country to London’.

His love for natural and locally sourced ingredients dates back to childhood.

She said: “I went to a primary school that was quite open to learning about the natural world.”

Later, when she was in her twenties, she worked at NOMA in Copenhagen, allowing her to discover more about the flavors of the natural world and discover wild local ingredients by foraging for food and following the seasons.

Harriet competed alongside the country’s top chefs on the BBC’s Great British Menu and has worked around the world in renowned restaurants and Michelin-starred kitchens, including cooking for the Royal Family of Qatar in the Seychelles and the Murdoch family. In the Caribbean.

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