Lupita Nyong’o makes training underwater look easy

What are you doing girl with all that?! Lupita Nyong’o has black Twitter lusting over her beautiful bulges.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Fan Event

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We once tried to tell you that Lupita Nyong’o has always had hearty Kenyan kakes, but now everyone knows after seeing her intense weight training for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on Instagram.

The stunning actress posted a 54-second clip on TikTok giving fans a glimpse of the excruciating training she underwent to bring to life the true essence of spy “war dog” Nakia. Nyong’o captioned the video: “Swimming to the Talokan wasn’t as easy as it seemed! Safely monitored by @XPTLife and #MarkRobertsFitness.”

While many fans were in awe of his underwater skill set, other fans were instantly in awe of the pounds he was pushing underwater.

Rapper Rubi Rose tweeted “Lupita got fat stupid” and several users on Twitter couldn’t agree more. The tweet currently has 5k retweets and 67k likes and counting.

One user responded by saying, “Women who objectify women have to love irony, I mean empowerment 😂.” Another commented: “LIKE DAMNNNN LET ME TRAIN UNDERWATER TOO WTF!”

During his interview in The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallonhe talked about his underwater breathing techniques.

“It’s learning to improve your breathing capacity by doing tasks underwater, so I would carry these weights and walk on the bottom of a pool. It’s about overriding your panic button, because you have about 2 minutes of air in you, oxygen in you, so when you panic you still have 2 minutes to live.”

She shared a short clip of her workout routine on Instagram this summer, and it all makes sense why her sister’s body is so hot. She’s been working out for months and honestly if this doesn’t make you want to hit the gym then I don’t know what will!

The video shows the Black Panther star holding medium weights in a gym, before his trainer yells “hit him.” Nyong’o impressively begins punching moves at a steady pace while he’s still holding the weights, singing Ace of Base’s 1992 hit “The Sign” the entire time. Like a sister?!

Her coach continues to encourage her in the background, advising her to “keep breathing, keep moving.” Nyong’o continues to punch for over a minute, before being told to move on to the side raises.

Many users in the comments were inspired by Nyong’o’s effort and admitted that they could use a similar routine and trips to the gym.

In 2018 Lupita shared with electronic news that training was “intense” for her role as Nakia in Black Panther.

“It meant I had to be in particularly good shape to be able to do the stunts they asked me to do,” he said. “I loved the physical challenge.” she added.

Nyong’o’s training apparently included a six-week boot camp in Atlanta that taught him special skills for six hours a day. Phew! Can we join in next time, Nyong’o?

It’s obviously no hidden secret that Lupita has been that girl from her acting skills to her beauty and last but not least her body!

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