Louisville teen runs C. Bake by Mysha bakery from her parents’ basement

Mysha Chasmawala, 13, freezes a cake in her basement.

Mysha Chasmawala was relaxing in a hanging chair in her living room on a chilly Saturday afternoon in November with her sister, mother and father. The house was neat and organized, you would never guess what is downstairs.

Mysha keeps busy in the basement. That’s where she cooks up success, with a kitchen her parents built for her daughter to fulfill orders from her bakery business, C. Bake by Mysha. The space is large enough to fit an industrial size refrigerator along with kitchen tables, pots, pans, and lots and lots of cookware.

Most people who open their own businesses do so in their adulthood. Mysha got off to a faster start. The upstart teen started selling cakes when she was just 8 years old. Now 13 years old, she fulfills daily requests as she juggles school work and other interests, never letting any of them slip through her fingers.

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