Los Angeles Italian Restaurant Offers $5,000 Reward for Grandma’s Stolen Journal and Recipe Book

The owners of Pasta Sisters are hoping to recover a beloved item from a suspected theft early Sunday morning in Culver City.

Co-owner Giorgia Sinatra tells Eater LA that at 3:50 a.m., an individual broke into the second Pasta Sisters location in the Helms Bakery District complex, stayed for approximately 20 minutes, and removed the safe from the premises. Unfortunately, the safe also contained her grandmother’s recipe book and journal with life lessons written entirely in Italian.

Sinatra simply wants the family heirloom back, no questions asked. “It’s the last thing we have left of it and it’s extremely important to us,” says Sinatra. “We are offering a $5,000 reward for it.”

The return of Egg Heaven from Long Beach

Longbeachize has a report on the family that took over Long Beach’s key breakfast spot, Egg Heaven Cafe. The restaurant opened in 1969 but fell on hard times during the pandemic.

Flamenco in the SFV

If Black Friday shopping doesn’t sound appealing, perhaps the live flamenco music and dancing at Gasolina in Woodland Hills is a better option. Flamenco dancer Savannah Fuentes will accompany the accomplished musician and Seville native Spanish Diego Amador Jr. Tickets are $20 per person from 7 pm to 8 pm, and reservations are available through Tock.

A Tuscan butcher shop and a six-course dinner.

Elsewhere on the European continent, The Barish at the Roosevelt Hotel is hosting a dinner with chef/butcher Dario Cecchini, who will showcase beef butchery with an emphasis on sustainability. Afterwards, there is a six-course family dinner. Tickets are available on OpenTable.

Tacos 1986 is now permanently in the White House

Politico correspondent Christopher Cadelago shared a photo via Twitter showing a framed photo of Los Angeles Mayor-elect Karen Bass and President Joe Biden at Tacos 1986 at the White House. Biden visited the Los Angeles taco shop last month.

Baklava Cake for Thanksgiving

Pie is a Thanksgiving essential, and Silver Lake’s Greekman’s is serving up one described as “baklava meets Thanksgiving pecan pie” with pistachio, honey, orange liqueur, cinnamon, cardamom, butter and oatmeal. Pre-orders are available on Tock.

The Chain pop-up by BJ Novak and chef Tim Hollingsworth

Actor-producer BJ Novak and Otium chef Tim Hollingsworth have launched a breakout series called Chain, which puts a new spin on classic chain restaurant dishes, Thrillist reports. He thinks of the flowering onion of Outback, but the onion that bursts. Not Taco Bell’s ultimate crunchwrap, but a perfect wagyu beef crunch. This series is already sold out, but Thrillist has details on how to secure a coveted spot for the next one.

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