Kwik Trip President and CEO Don Zietlow to retire at the end of 2022

Donald Zietlow will retire as President and CEO of Kwik Trip on December 31, 2022.

The end of the year will mark the end of an era at Kwik Trip as Don Zietlow retires as President and CEO.

Zietlow has been with Kwik Trip for 52 years, including 22 as president and CEO, leading the company through growth and expansion to more than 800 locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan, according to a news release from Kwik Trip. Throughout his leadership, Kwik Trip has expanded its support center in La Crosse and invested in the “vertical integration” of the company. Kwik Trip makes Glazer donuts, for example, in its own bakery, they are shipped on Kwik Trip trucks and sold in Kwik Trip stores. The company has made significant investments in dairy, kitchen, bakery and distribution center under Zietlow’s leadership.

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