King Charles’ Daily Diet Confirms ‘That’ Scene From The Crown Is Accurate

king charles

king charles

king charles

king charles Slightly unusual eating habits have cropped up a few times at The Crown, but what do you really eat in a day?

Of course, when you host formal events, such as your first official state banquet as monarch with the President of South Africa on Tuesday, there will be various courses served along with a great deal of pomp and ceremony.

But not even the sovereign dines like this every day.

What does The Crown suggest?

Well, in one scene (season 4, episode 3, for the die-hard fans) Charles is conspicuously absent from a Quite tense lunch between Camila Parker Bowles and then-then Lady Diana Spencer.

This is supposedly due to skipping food altogether, and this actually rings true, based on previous claims.

Clarence House revealed in 2018, in a list of 70 facts to honor his 70th birthday, that Charles “doesn’t eat lunch,” even though his late mother, the Queen he was known to have four small meals a day.

The former royal correspondent for the Telegraph, Gordon Rayner, previously claimed that it is because the monarch thinks lunch is a “luxury” and that there is not enough time in his schedule.

Even before he ascended the throne, Carlos was said to have a tight schedule. When he was the Prince of Wales, he was (informally) crowned the hardest-working royal in 2019, having attended 521 public events throughout the year.

According to the Mirror, it seems like he starts the day with a breakfast of seasonal fruits, seeds and tea, taking a walk for lunch, and doesn’t really stop until 5pm, when he has tea (accompanied by sandwiches and a slice of cheesecake). fruits). ).

What about The Crown season 5?

I forgot the latest drama: how accurate is the TV portrayal of the King’s royal diet?

In the final season, Charles is depicted munching on some asparagus from his garden.

While it’s unclear if he actually has a particular fondness for asparagus, he does follow a mostly plant-based diet.

As the King told the BBC in 2021: “For years I haven’t eaten meat and fish two days a week, and I don’t eat dairy one day a week.”

A billboard promoting series 5 of Netflix's 'The Crown'

A billboard promoting series 5 of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

A billboard promoting series 5 of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

What about… the eggs?

The king is said to have a special fondness for eggs, especially when they are soft-boiled.

According to The Independent, he likes boiled eggs with every meal, usually served with a salad which he mashes into the salad to create a kind of mayonnaise.

However, this has been disputed. His former press secretary, Julian Payne, told The Mirror that he “never saw a single hard-boiled egg at breakfast in all the years I worked there.”

Still, a 2020 Instagram post from Clarence House revealed one of the King’s “favourite recipes”, Cheesy Baked Eggs, to mark the final day of British Cheese Weekender.

Includes spinach, cherry tomatoes, mild hard cheese, double cream, hard cheese, and fresh basil.

What else does Carlos like?

The king’s favorite tea is Darjeeling with honey and milk, according to Clarence House’s lists of 70 facts.

And, as royal editor Russell Myers told ITV’s Lorraine, the monarch’s favorite meal is “wild mushroom risotto with organic lamb,” though apparently the mushrooms must come from his own farm.

And, whenever possible, Charles wants all ingredients to be organic, in keeping with enthusiastic environmentalism.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady told Delish in 2020: “I cooked a lot of lamb at Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles…was a fan of organic farming even before it was invented.

Is there something you won’t eat?

Queen Consort Camilla told MasterChef Australia in 2018 that you won’t find garlic at royal events, though she didn’t elaborate on the reason (although it’s widely suspected it has something to do with the stinky breath that comes with it – the queen wasn’t biased either).

Charles is also not a fan of coffee or chocolate, according to a Hello! magazine, but he reportedly likes warm cheese and crackers after a meal, though only when they’re hot.


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