Kind House Ukraine Bakery opens its own store

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – What started in the home of one Amarillo woman has now become so much more.

Kind House Ukraine Bakery was founded by Glenda Moore and for the past nine years she has been running the bakery from her own home.

The bakery now has its own store at 4715 S. Western St.

“It’s so surreal, I catch myself thinking, did this really happen?” questioned Glenda Moore, executive director of KHUB.

Moore believes the new store will allow them to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine on a much wider range.

“We are here to help with the rescues in the Ukraine and with medical supplies and medical things that we send to the Dnipro Hospital,” Moore said.

They are also working in a refugee center in Dnipro.

The baked goods are what allows Kind House Ukraine Bakery to give back, but something unique about the bakery is that there are no fixed prices.

“You just take whatever you want and then you go to the counter and there’s a safe and you just put your money in the safe and then if you want to pay by credit card you can scan that and just donate whatever you want. like to give,” Moore said.

Many of the new clients that have entered do not know how much they should donate.

“It’s up to you and think of the Ukrainians who are suffering and donate from your heart,” said Laura Fox, a KHUB volunteer.

The bakery has noticed that those who enter are very generous.

A man bought a box of nine cinnamon rolls and left a large donation.

“I saw him put a $100 bill in the safe,” Fox said.

The opening of the new store has been a complete success. Moore says that almost every day they have been sold.

“People keep coming, we’ve had some people who are even traveling through Amarillo, they’ve heard about us, and we’ve had several people who are from the Ukraine come just to say thank you for what we’re doing. in Ukraine,” Moore said.

She says this wouldn’t be possible without her more than 80 volunteers.

A volunteer says helping out at the bakery seemed like the right thing to do.

“It’s very disturbing when you see what’s going on there and to be able to do something for these poor people, I wish we could make it go away, but we can’t do that, so we do everything we can with what we have,” Fox said.

The bakery is always looking for more volunteers, along with donations of things like flour.

Kind House Ukraine Bakery’s normal working hours are Wednesday through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 6 am to noon.

This week the bakery is closed on Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Every day that the bakery is open they have a variety of items available in the store for you, but you can also go online and view the bakery’s menu and order ahead.

To learn more about how the bakery works, click here.

Moore also says that Kind House Ukraine Bakery isn’t just here in Amarillo: Soon the bakery will open satellite stores throughout Texas and one in the Ukraine.

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