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Kids Baking Championship Season 11 with Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman Has a Twist

Children’s pastry championship is set to launch in its eleventh season (there were a few specials in there for the seasons to be discerned), as Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman take a turn as they search for the best kid-friendly baker who also has some business chops. This is going to be a 10-week competition that leans a bit more trendy and viral on the dessert avenue, but we also have our dessert imposter challenge. The winner will earn a grand prize that includes a publication in Food Network magazine and the title of Kids Baking Champion.

Children’s pastry championship will premiere on Food Network and discovery+ on Monday, December 26 and the final two episodes of the competition will air on February 20 in the new year, judged by Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman. The last two episodes will have the remaining contestants making a loaded cookie and at the end making a multi-tiered birthday cake. This is where we get the twist, as the bakers will have to do a commercial for why they should be hired to make this cake, with the best commercial getting the upper hand at the end.

the Children’s pastry championship the contestants are:

Logan Brod – 12 – New York, New York
Jason Chan – 12 – Boston, MA
Naiel Chaudry – 12 – Los Altos, CA
Toby Hyun – 11 – Dallas, Texas
Sohan Jhaveri – 13 – Denver, Colorado
Genevieve Kashat 11 – Detroit, MI
Ozan Kopelman – 13 – New York, NY
Nash Roe – 13 – Clive, IA
Foster Smith – 11 – Norfolk, VA
Alissa Telusca – 12 – Naples, Florida
Peyton Waldrep – 10 – Baton Rouge, LA
Naho Yanagi – 13 – Morgan Hill, California

The Emmy-nominated kids’ baking championship returns with a dozen enterprising young bakers competing in new challenges designed to test their business and baking skills.

The new season premieres on Food Network and discovery+ on Monday, December 26 at 8 pm ET/PT


The new season premieres on Food Network and discovery+ on Monday, December 26 at 8 pm ET/PT

New York – November 16, 2022 – On Monday, December 26 at 8 pm ET/PT, the Emmy®-nominated competition series Kids Baking Championship returns for a new season. For the first time, Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman welcome a dozen child entrepreneurs to thriving bakery businesses and will test not only the young bakers’ skills in the kitchen, but their business savvy as well. Throughout the ten-week competition, young contestants must create the latest dessert trends and the most popular confections in tough challenges, each with an innovative business twist. From logo cakes to market trending cupcakes, and from viral combo desserts to powerful lunchtime dessert impostors, they need to show off their successful business savvy and impressive baking talents. Only one amazing young baker will rise to the top to win the sweet grand prize, which includes a spot on Food Network magazine and the title of Kids Baking Champion.

“The Entrepreneurial Kid Bakers of the new season of the Kids Baking Championship are the most impressive group of contestants yet! They may be young, but their business skills and minds are far beyond their years,” said Jane Latman, Warner Bros. Discovery’s president of content and streaming for home and food. “Viewers will be amazed at their creativity and aptitude in facing each challenge.”

The ten-episode season is packed with new challenges that test bakers’ business brains as well as their baking talents. At the premiere, the child contestants learn that first impressions are everything and must use color psychology to enhance the palette of their best-selling desserts by choosing colors that reflect the most important aspects of their business, like yellow to reflect happiness. , green for relaxation, or pink for positivity. Throughout the season, the young bakers show off their skills and creativity as they craft irresistible confections, using business techniques far beyond their years.

Monday, February 20, are the last two episodes of the competition. At 8 pm ET/PT, Valerie and Duff challenge the four remaining child contestants to put their own stamp on one of the biggest cookie trends: the loaded cookie, creating over-the-top cookies with toppings, fillings and frosting. Three bakers earn spots in the grand finale at 9 pm ET/PT, where they face the toughest challenge yet to make multi-tiered birthday cakes worthy of a championship. Before the contestant kids start baking, they must first make a business pitch for why they should be hired to make someone’s birthday cake. The baker with the best commercial will get a special advantage in the birthday cake baking challenge. Only a young baker will take the cake to win the grand prize.

Competitors for the Kids Baking Championship include: Logan Brod (New York, NY; age 12), Jason Chan (Boston, MA; age 12), Naiel Chaudry (Los Altos, CA; age 12), Toby Hyun (Dallas, TX; Age 11), Sohan Jhaveri (Denver, CO; Age 13), Genevieve Kashat (Detroit, MI; Age 11), Ozan Kopelman (New York, NY; Age 13), Nash Roe (Clive, IA; Age 13), Foster Smith (Norfolk, VA; age 11), Alissa Telusca (Naples, FL; age 12), Peyton Waldrep (Baton Rouge, LA; age 10), and Naho Yanagi (Morgan Hill, CA; age 13).

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