Kellogg’s gets ready for the party

Blankos Block Party is an open world multiplayer game in the style of a giant party that allows players to play together and against their friends in various game modes and build their own levels without any coding skills. The focus is on custom art and design, building, exploring, and selecting your own collection of Blanko characters. It has attracted millions of players around the world, but is particularly popular among zoomers (18-24 years old).

To support their first UK branding campaign in 20 years, Pop-Tarts partnered with Mythical Games to create a set of non-expendable token (NFT) characters called Hip Pop, Punk Pop and Glam Pop, who are both collectible as interchangeable. .

Kelloggs and Blankos

By entering this virtual world with NFT characters, Pop-Tarts aims to drive engagement with Gen Z consumers who are less familiar with the brand.

Gaming is a key passion point for zoomers and Blankos Block Party encourages individuality, self-expression and fun – qualities that are at the heart of Pop-Tarts’ new creative platform ‘Get Popified’.

“We are very excited to bring Pop Tarts to the metaverse, a first for Kellogg’s in the UK.”said Emer Hayes, leader of Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts brand.

“Pop-Tarts is a fun brand, and by creating NFT characters for a playful virtual world, we are able to better engage with people, particularly Gen Z consumers.”

Marketing technology was overseen by Kellogg’s UK media agency Carat and digital network Dentsu Creative.

The success of Pop-Tarts’ presence at Blankos Block Party will be measured through a number of metrics, including the number of Blanko NFTs sold, the percentage of players playing the Popified tier, and the percentage of players visiting the Pop Shop. -Blank Tarts. . Blankos Block Party is currently a free game on the Epic Games Store.

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