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Managing your health and fitness goals during the holiday season can be overwhelming. There are festive concerts to attend, baking to make and enjoy, and of course, endless gifts to buy. In addition, work and family schedules are packed with events, many of which involve food and alcohol.

It can be tempting to pause your workouts and put all caution aside until the New Year, but that would be a mistake. Exercise is a great way to manage your stress and boost your natural immunity during this busy season. Unfortunately, it’s also common to see people kick the exercise habit and then not restart after vacation.

Instead of dwelling entirely on all things fitness and nutrition, just adapt. This is the best time of the year to focus on keeping things simple. Set small but manageable goals and then plan ahead to keep up with these goals until your schedule narrows down and you can scale. You may not get in four or five workouts each week, but if you manage to get in two or three, you’re still taking care of yourself. Even one is better than zero!

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This holiday season, focus on preparing as many of your meals at home as possible, then allow yourself to indulge in some holiday treats in moderation.

Do your best to make adjustments that will help you maintain as much momentum as possible. For example, if you normally train at night, you may need to switch to a morning routine or even do a quick lunchtime workout. These changes can affect training duration or even training style. But that’s not a big deal.

When you’re thinking about hitting the pause button in fitness, it’s a huge win to just keep moving. A few short and sweet sessions will improve your mood. And you’ll be proud that you did something for yourself before your son’s night hockey game or your granddaughter’s piano recital.

Moving on to the food: You know there will be cookies, cakes, wine, liqueurs, and all kinds of rich and delicious treats everywhere you go. No need to stress about abstaining from everything. Instead, focus on preparing as many of your meals at home as possible, and then allow yourself to indulge in a few holiday treats in moderation. Simply not restricting yourself can often help people to moderate their “fun foods.” If you deny yourself absolutely all treats, you’ll be more likely to snap and binge. You should be able to enjoy some of your traditional favorites guilt free.

Good advice: try to make breakfast a healthy option every day. This meal is often more controllable than lunch because you are at home, and most families have large holiday feasts in the evening, not in the morning. If you start the day with a nutritious breakfast, you’ll have 33 percent of your meals covered. and you’ll be able to balance out some of the celebratory meals.

Rushing is very common at this time of year. You don’t need to feel frantic about your fitness and nutrition too. Make some adjustments before the busy schedule and enjoy all aspects of vacation without sacrificing your health.

Crystal Kirby-Peloquin

Crystal Kirby-Peloquin
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