Jharkhand family celebrates dog’s birthday in viral video

Pets can mean a lot when loved the right way. Having an animal companion to lift your spirits when you’re down can be the ideal solution to your problems. Desis, however, takes her love of pets to another level.

The Dhanbad family celebrates the dog

Jharkhand’s family celebrates their pet’s first birthday with a grand reunion

In a recent viral video, a family from Dhanbad, Jharkhand celebrated the birthday of their pet dog named Aksar.. The family took the event very seriously and invited over 350 people to the big birthday celebration.. Like any other big celebration in Desi homes, relatives from all over India were invited through printed invitation cards. The birthday boy was dressed to the nines in a Rs. gown 4500.

The guest list included not only people who attended the party from nearby villages, but also from Sripur in Bengal, who traveled quite far for Aksar’s birthday. Following the traditional route, the guests also brought him gifts, including three gold medallions. Before jumping into the classic cake-cutting ceremony, an aarti was performed to bless the dog.

Aarti was performed to bless the dog before cutting the cake

The Dhanbad family celebrates the dog

The viral video captured seconds of the entire party as people surrounded the birthday boy and his parents around a giant cake. In the video, a woman, presumably her mother, is seen cuddling the dog while she plants kisses on him while a man holds the dog. A reliquary is tied around Aksar’s neck as people cheer him on on his big day.

The cake is no mean feat, as the family has gone the extra mile to personalize it for the dog by adding photos made of icing on the surface. Behind them is an elaborate collage filled with more photos of Aksar with the family. The center of the collage reads: “AKSAR 1st Birthday Celebration.” Meanwhile, the staging area is decked out with a ton of balloons and other decorations.

Watch the viral video below:

The dog’s parents, Sumitra Kumari and Sandeep Kumari, shared how they regard Aksar as part of their family. Sandeep told India Today: “I used to work in Punjab where I used to see how people used to treat dogs there. We also grew fond of the animals and found a 20-day-old puppy on the roadside and brought him to home. Today we celebrate our birthday with great pomp.”

People on the internet shared photos of their adorable pets on the Twitter thread in response to the grand celebration.

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