Indian Sugar Florist Ashwini Sarabhai Wins Cake Oscars 2022 in Birmingham, UK

Ashwini Sarabhai from India, founder of The Dream Cakes, was announced as the winner of the Sugar Flowers award among many other brilliant artists from around the world at the recent Cake Masters Magazine Awards 2022, also known as ‘Cake Oscars’, held in Birmingham. , UK.

Ashwini has been one of the pioneers in India in the cake design industry. Always being inclined towards art, Ashwini followed her passion more than hers towards decorating cakes, mainly with sugar flowers. She further cultivated her art and worked to master the skill of making realistic looking sugar flowers. Practice, Patience and Perseverance have always been her motto.

This year was Ashwini Sarabhai’s third year securing the spot as one of the top four sugar flower artists in the world. She has made the entire nation proud with her creative talent as a master artist and she has taken the prestigious award as a winner in the Sugar Flowers category. The award was presented by the CEO of Wholesale Sugar Flowers, Keera Brooks. They were also the sponsors of this particular award category this year.

Ashwini Sarabhai, Founder of The Dream Cakes, said: “I am completely speechless at the recognition received as the winner of Sugar Flowers at Cake Oscars 2022. I am overwhelmed to do my country India proud on such a prestigious platform, and bring the precious prize home. I always believed in following my passion with the utmost dedication, love and perseverance in my work and teachings as an Artist of Pastels and Sugar Flowers. This award is no less than a dream come true. I thank God, my family, teachers and supporters for always being my constant pillars of support.”

The Cake Masters Magazine Awards are one of the largest and most important industry awards dedicated to recognizing great talent from around the world in various categories such as cake decorating and sugar crafts, with an esteemed panel of judges.

Ashwini, an award-winning cake artist, is the name behind “The Dream Cakes”. He has been working in Cake Art for more than 15 years and his cake decorating style is unique and has been recognized throughout the world. His forte lies in creating realistic looking Sugar Flowers. An innovator, she is the pioneer in starting India’s first Online Pastry Academy and has trained thousands of students across the globe to meld their talents in making sugar flowers and cake designs in unconventional shapes.

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