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The fantastic cakes and treats available at Master Pastries at Moynehall Retail Park. From left to right: Rosemary McGivney, office manager; Aysliran Pexoto, production manager; Adriana Benariol, general manager and Junior Tetzner, manager/supervisor.

Impress your guests with a different food for the Christmas party!

A culinary business in Cavan Town has been tantalizing the county’s taste buds with a variety of Brazilian delicacies.

From tasty mini pizzas, delicious churros and passion fruit mousses, cooking for your events has never been easier thanks to Master Pastries.

As Christmas approaches, business owner Adrianna Penariol believes her business is the answer to her catering needs.

Simply place the delicious snacks in the oven for 20 minutes and they are ready to serve!

“You just need your sweet chili sauce, garlic mayonnaise, or whatever sauce you like with them, it’s so easy,” says staff member, Rosemary McGivney.

“We would take the churros home and cook them in the oven. Once they’re cooked, we wrap them in sugar and cinnamon—they’re just handy snacks,” she reveals.

The products available in the food business are all frozen and have a shelf life of one year.

“There is production all the time. So if you buy some snacks today, you’ll have 11 and a half months left if you put them in the freezer,” Rosemary continues.

Adrianna first started her business catering events for friends and family. Within a short time, she built a growing client base and moved to Cavan Town to pursue the business full time.

What makes Master Pastries even more unique is how they cater to the needs of their customers.

“We had someone come here last year looking for a Christmas cake. We don’t make Christmas cakes but we asked them for the recipe and we made it for them. We can do whatever our customers want once we have the recipe,” says Adrianna.

In the coming months, Master Pastries will open a cafeteria where they will serve their tasty treats fresh every day.

Cakes must be reserved two days in advance or a week in advance during peak hours.

Anyone interested in grabbing some frozen treats, a beautiful cake or other delicious bites can do so by calling the office on 049-4326336 or Adrianna on 087-2729762.

Customers are also encouraged to stop by your facility to request a quote or search for your products.

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