I used to work in a supermarket, and it’s way grosser than you’d expect, always cleaning up sick.

AS KIDS, many of us dreamed of working behind the register while playing with our toy cash registers.

But a former supermarket worker has revealed what he’s really like, and some of it might surprise you.

He revealed several secrets about working in a supermarket


He revealed several secrets about working in a supermarketCredit: Alamy

The woman, from south-east England, worked in a supermarket for seven years until 2014 and said she “enjoyed” her first real job.

He admitted that he made some lifelong friends while working at the store and joked that in retail, good friendships are key to getting ahead.

She said: “I worked in various departments, starting in the bakery until I developed an allergy to cleaning material.

“Then I moved on to night shifts for some extra money, as night shifts pay surprisingly well!

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“The people are great, a real credit to retail and they put up with a lot of crap from customers.

“But I will say that management can be a bit…temperamental.”

In general, he said that working in a supermarket was not a horrible experience and that he had a great time there, but that the job also had some disgusting aspects.

She said: “I was a first aider and I thought it would be a noble thing to do! However, working in a student town came with student drinking.

“This meant that I was a glorified sick cleaner – apparently only first aid can clean up bodily fluids!

“I even made a student vomit on me while I brought him a bucket to vomit in. That would be by far the most disgusting.

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“Also, the bathrooms. The toilets are another level, if you are a customer try to avoid them, even the staff only toilets!

“We once had to address a problem at the store called a ‘ghost poo-er’: a person who doesn’t consistently drop their poop every day. They put up posters and everything!”

The former supermarket worker revealed that the best times of the day to shop are between 7 and 8 in the morning, 11 in the morning or 8 at night.

But something that customers often don’t realize is that if they are rude to a staff member, it often becomes an endless joke or story.

She encourages shoppers to ‘be nice’ as supermarket workers kept the country going during the pandemic.

She added: “One thing that surprises people is the amount of frozen baked goods! My job at the bakery was to defrost baked goods or sometimes pop them in the oven for 20 minutes.

The toilets are another level, if you are a customer try to avoid them, even the staff only toilets!


“Not much is baked in the store unless you go to a bakery from scratch, which are now very few and far between.

“However, it’s pretty disgusting how much gets thrown away, especially bakery items. At the end of the night, everything is thrown away.

“When I worked there I struggled to try to send it to the homeless but a lot of legal difficulties arose, although I think this could have changed now!

“A bonus was that the Krispy Kreme donuts weren’t thrown away, the Krispy Kreme man gave them to us!”

The former supermarket worker also revealed some fun memories she had while working at the store.

She said that once, at closing time, a customer left his live crab at the store in a plastic bag in the meat aisle. Her manager tried to throw it away.

She said: “I took it upon myself to try and give this poor creature a chance, but my knowledge of crabs is pretty thin.

“I released it on the beach, hoping it was a saltwater crab. I still wonder if he made it!

“We also run an initiative to improve staff morale called ‘fun at work.’

This would involve various activities that would only give a 10 minute boost of fun a day.

“Being on night shifts there are NO customers around so our fun at work included aisle races, supermarket sweeps, we even organized a (stationary of course) bike ride for charity!”


Avoid bathrooms at all costs.

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