‘I feel like I’m in vibration’

Ellie-Jo tries giant toast and gooey caramel cookies at Gooey’s permanent cafeteria

Every once in a while I like to go to work at the Ducie Street Warehouse on a Saturday afternoon. Well, I say work, I mean open up my laptop for an hour, then grab a Tommy’s margarita and watch Gok Wan play some Ibiza house classics.

I always say “I want to work on Ducie Street because I like the disco in the background and there’s a plug under every table”, but really it’s because I like to have a Gooey cookie yards from my makeshift desk at all times.

Get there early, even if you think your friend is mad for suggesting you meet at 8:45 am on a Sunday.

Gooey also announced that they would be opening a permanent brunch in the Northern Quarter a few months back, and we arrived at the gleaming bakery and cafe on a rainy Sunday morning after three failed attempts to secure Glastonbury tickets. If you have something, you won, Jane. Enjoy the money, I hope it makes you happy.

My friend has been sitting there since the moment the place opened, and after mocking her for her punctuality, we were silently grateful that she’d made it in time to get past the line of sodden, beanie-wearing couples huddling around the corner. the corner.

Get there early, even if you think your friend is mad for suggesting you meet at 8:45 am on a Sunday.

Gooey Cafe High Streeth The Northern Quarter Revised 2022
Gooey insides tick all the boxes on the NQ bingo card
Image: Confidential

Gooey Cafe And Bakery Review High Street The Northern Quarter 2022
10/10 for the greenery and people watching potential
Image: Confidential

Inside there are plants, exposed concrete and neon lights: you know the mock North Quarter. And there’s a mix of high window seats and center tables with red bistro-style seats. There are Keith Haring prints on the wall, and the glass exterior means you can see the inner workings of the brunch machine from the outside. It is a clinical feeling, but artistic.

If you love a steel kitchen with lots of appliances, it’s worth pressing your nose against the glass to watch the Willy Wonka-style donut operations while you stand in line. The staff will be happy to explain all the fillings and toppings to you.

Gooey Bakery And Cafe Kitchen Glass Exterior High Street The Northern Quarter 2022
Watch the magic of the pastries while you wait for a seat
Image: Confidential

We order using a QR code at one of the high window seats, and a selection of coffees, kombuchas, and sweet things come out before our breakfast. A smiling girl brings us some cutlery.

A glass of Laid Bear ginger kombucha makes me feel like Kourtney Kardashian for a brief moment, then I see my reflection in the window and bite into a cookie the same size as my face and the illusion is shattered.

Gooey Cafe White Chocolate And Sticky Toffee Cookies and Cinnamon Roll Review 2022
I had to learn to share on this brunch date
Image: Confidential

The white chocolate cookie is my regular Gooey order; a huge soft pillow of dough and slightly melted Milky Bar style chocolate. However, my companions order a cinnamon roll and a sticky toffee cookie, and we split everything three ways.

The cinnamon roll might hold the door open for hungry people queuing in the pouring rain, and there’s a slab of brand-name white chocolate on top to solidify your chances of a sugar-induced heart attack.

My partner says she hasn’t had one like it since she stopped at a freeway gas station in Miami for breakfast. She reminds me of the Long Bois in Levenshulme, but on steroids.

Gooey Bakery And Cafe High Street Cinnamon Roll The Northern Quarter Review 2022
A cinnamon roll similar to its American cousins.
Image: Confidential

The sharp and smooth cream cheese frosting cuts through the subtle spice of cinnamon and brown sugar in the batter, but this is not for the faint of heart. It is sweet.

The gooey caramel cookie has shards of brittle honeycomb to counter the oozing caramel in the center. It’s all very Instagram food porn, and if you like slow-motion shots of things literally breaking in half, everything on Gooey fits the bill.

It’s also very fitting that we’re here the day after campfire night. The Caramel Cookie combines the nostalgic flavors of Parkin and fudge in a fist-sized cookie. A bucket of Yorkshire Tea would be a good shout out with anything on the Gooey menu, and of course it’s a staple on the menu. My flat white now pales in comparison.

Kombucha and a sticky toffee cookie from Gooey Bakery And Cafe in High Street The Northern Quarter 2022
A campfire cookie and some spicy kombucha
Image: Confidential

Gooey Bakery And Cafe Brunch High Street Northern Quarter Avocado Toast French Toast Egg Sandwich Review
Don’t tell my mom I ate my pudding before my egg sarnie
Image: Confidential

Then comes the avocado toast, one of the famous egg sarnies, and the French toast with a salty puddle of butter and dulce de leche. Like I said before, Gooey is not for the faint of heart or diabetics.

Avocado toast is like an artist’s palette, a flat layer of yellows, greens, oranges, and whites. Pickled veggie chunks and a squeeze of lime make it fresh and tangy. A perfect boiled egg coats it all in a bright, savory syrup, and crushed nuts and seeds add a crunch. You couldn’t do it like this at home, and that’s always the sign of a good breakfast. I also don’t have a toaster big enough for the A4 size piece of bread that everything sits on.

Avocado on toast Gooey Bakery Adn Cafe High Street Northern Quarter 2022
Pickles, Lime Juice, and Crunchy Walnuts on the World’s Brightest Avocado Toast
Image: Confidential

The bread at Gooey is thick, but it’s nice to see an alternative to sourdough that still feels substantial (easier on the jaw, too). The egg sandwich has a well seasoned egg mayonnaise mixture, crisp shredded lettuce and a perfectly soft boiled egg center. Gooey guarantees a great bud.

However, this is not the kind of sandwich you can eat delicately, you have to get involved. Bow your head, not your sandwich, and speaking from experience, don’t eat the cookie first. Everything here feels like something out of Man vs Food, so vibrant it looks genetically modified, and the full-size plates look tiny.

Gooey Bakery And Cafe High Street Egg Sandwich Review 2022
Eggs are at the center of the Gooey universe.
Image: Confidential

Gooey Bakery And Cafe French Toast High Street Northern Quarter Review 2022
It’s just huge, like literally huge.
Image: Confidential

French toast looks like one of those foam bricks you land on at a gym. It’s taller than my glass of water. A huge, intimidating square of bread with enough caramelized milk in the center to fill a pint glass. I have to take a deep breath between bites and appreciate every little grain of rock salt that gets sprinkled on top. I haven’t had a real sugar rush since Halloween 2008, but I’m getting pretty close. It’s too much.

I watch my fellow egg sarnies craving something tasty. I had eyes bigger than my belly with this French toast, and my sweet tooth can almost cut through a Drumstick popsicle, so this has me knocked out.

Dulce de Leche French Toast Gooey Bakery And Cafe Review 2022
Lots of dulce de leche dripping from the toast
Image: Confidential

Tacky Exterior High Street Northern Quarter 2022 Review
Goodbye Little Crystal Candy Factory
Image: Confidential

The food at Gooey makes you feel like Polly Pocket, or one of The Borrowers, so if value for money comes into the equation, you could take half of everything home in a doggy bag and still feel like you’ve been defeated by sugar. and bread. Not your typical halloumi and swamp egg brunches, and if you like American-style stacks with glistening toppings, Gooey is the one. It’s the kind of food you’d serve at a Disneyland ‘character meet and greet’ breakfast.

The lady who clears the table laughs when I explain that I feel like I’m on vibes after leaving half of my French toast behind, and she bags up three donuts for my partner to take away. We stepped out into the drizzle, donuts in hand and drizzling our tits with dulce de leche.

Sticky Cafe, 103 High St, Manchester M4 1HQ

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  • Food

    Cinnamon Roll 8, Egg Sandwich 8, Avocado Toast 8, Sticky French Toast 7, White Chocolate Cookie 8, Sticky Toffee Cookie 7

  • Service

    Smiley, fast, limited by QR codes

  • Atmosphere

    Like an IKEA parking lot, but with neons

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