Humble Bakery opens in Raffles Place

Cafe Humble Bakery in Raffles Place by ex-Bakers Bakery Brera

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There aren’t many bakeries in Singapore that specialize in buns. After all, a plain bun doesn’t look as fancy as more modern pastries like cream-filled croissants or stuffed donuts, both of which have taken the social media world by storm in some time. humble bakeryHowever, it seems to prove otherwise. Previously an online-only shop selling freshly baked scones in a variety of flavours, the local brand recently announced the opening of its first cafe right in the heart of the CBD: A place of raffles.

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The bakery teased its cafe’s soft-opening for dine-in in a recent social media post. The preview launch will take place from November 28 to December 3, before the cafeteria officially opens its doors the following week.

Humble Bakery: Ex-Bakery Brera Bakers Sells Scones in Lychee Rose, Double Chocolate, and More

As the news is recent, there aren’t many details about the new cafe at this time. Looking at the espresso machine pictured in the new store, though, it’s likely that barista-prepared coffee will be served alongside a variety of freshly baked scones and other pastries.

Kaffir Lime Double Chocolate Scone

Humble Bakery is run by former Bakery Brera bakers, so you know their cakes are legit. Premium French butter and whipping cream go into these scones, which are rich and flavorful with a tender crumb.

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Previously, the bakery launched a So Mochi Joy Box, a series starring mochi-filled buns. We especially enjoyed the Muah chee mochi scones, which consisted of a fragrant peanut filling and chewy mochi encased within Humble Bakery’s Original Scone. We hope something of this kind is available in the cafe!

la levain bo bo cha cha croissant

Another business started by a former Bakery Brera pastry chef is La Levain, which rose to fame for its Bo Bo Cha Cha Croissant and crispy puff pastries.

If you prefer old-school pastries, read our guide to the best traditional bakeries in Singapore, or visit Sing Hon Loong Bakery in Whampoa for coconut scones.

Address: 1 Raffles Place, #02-27, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm, Sat 10am to 4pm
Humble Bakery is not a halal certified restaurant.

This 24/7 old-school bakery in Whampoa has over 50 years of history

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