How to equip blueprints in Call Of Duty Warzone 2

Blueprints are the main course in COD Warzone 2. Earning and equipping blueprints is what players do most of the time. Therefore, this guide is going to be about how to equip Blueprints in Call Of Duty Warzone 2. But, before delving into the subject, you should be familiar with what blueprints are.

Key points:

  • Blueprints are an advanced version of a weapon with better stats and already attached attachments.
  • You can equip them by going to Multiplayer>Weapons>Warzone Loadout>custom gear>Primary Weapon>weapon.
  • You don’t have to unlock a weapon first to use a blueprint.
  • The plans are customizable.
  • Some of the Blueprints have a time limit; they would disappear with the expiration of the season.

What are blueprints in Warzone 2?

The blueprints are actually the copy of the real weapon but with attachments already attached and better stats. For example, you unlock a blueprint for a weapon, which means you can use the base weapon, or you can choose to use the blueprint version of the weapon. Call Of Duty has given players the freedom to upgrade each weapon to improve their stats. A wide variety of weapons makes the game even more interesting.

Blueprints are essentially the ‘Twins’ Weapons These usually do not have the same name as the base weapon. For example, you can unlock a blueprint called “TOKOLOSHE” for a base weapon, “BAS-P”.

Blueprints in Warzone 2
Blueprints in Warzone 2 [Image Captured by us]

Now the extra attachments are already there for you with the model weapons, and yet if you want to change or remove them, you can always do so. Another thing to know is that you don’t need to have the base weapon unlocked to use the blueprint. If you have a blueprint, you’re ready to go. It’s actually much cooler that you can enjoy the upgraded version of the weapon without having to push yourself to earn all those XP and then upgrade the base weapon.

So this is pretty much all that blueprints are about. Now, let’s take a look at how you equip blueprints in Call Of Duty Warzone 2.

How to equip blueprints

Equipping blueprints in COD Warzone 2 is the same as equipping them in COD Warfare 2. To equip a blueprint, just go to the weapons section in multiplayer mode. To go warzone Charge, click on the ‘+’ sign to go to custom loading section, and then select the primary weapons section. A list of unlocked weapons will appear here.

Equip blueprints in Warzone 2
Equip blueprints in Warzone 2 [Image Captured by eXputer]

You will be able to see some kind of transporter sign (right above the armory) on each weapon, along with a number. If it’s a transporter with 1 written on it, that means you only have the base weapon. If it’s 2, you have the base weapon and a blueprint.

Click on any weapon you have a blueprint for and you will see the base weapon and a weapon with an unlocked blueprint on the screen. Just by clicking on the blueprint, you would have equipped it.

Customization of attachments in drawings

Although the blueprints already have the attachments, if you still want to customize the weapon, you can always do so. Just click on the Gunsmith option just above the weapon option. You will be able to see all the attachments you have on the weapon. You can also upgrade them and you can unequip or change them as you wish.

Blueprint Attachment Customization in Warzone 2
Blueprint Attachment Customization in Warzone 2 [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]

How to unlock a blueprint

Unlocking a blueprint requires you to reach a certain level. This is a little hard to deal with, but obviously, the trade-off isn’t bad if you want to get a blueprint. One thing to note, many of the plans are seasonal. By which, we mean that they can only be unlocked in the season you are playing.

Once the season ends, you will not be able to unlock them again. Also, you can get much more cool blueprints by purchasing a Battle Pass. You will get not only blueprints but also many other things like skins for weapons or vehicles etc.

To wrap

With the arrival of the new season of Call Of Duty Warzone, massive content has been added. Blueprints have been part of the COD series, and the variety has been further expanded this time around.

To enjoy the real advantages of a weapon, it is better to upgrade it or use a certain weapon, and you will have to unlock it first. Neither of these two methods is a piece of cake. So, this is exactly how blueprints come into play. You don’t need to unlock the weapon and you already have the upgraded version of the weapon. What else do you want?

But the downside is that the blueprints can only last for the current season. As the season progresses, the blueprint fades. Not all of them are temporary, but you do have some. So keep that in mind. Eventually, you will need to upgrade the base weapon and its attachments.

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