How to breed Pokémon and get Eggs in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

every time a new Pokemon game, one thing is always constant, and that is the existence of spawning Pokémon. In Scarlet Y Violetthe method has changed a bit, but it won’t affect the result too much.

Most of those who have been experimenting with playing have lamented that the game method is easier and faster than in the past. But it brings with it a new mechanic that has never been seen before, and because it’s so different, some trainers might not like all of the changes.

how to lay eggs in Pokemon Scarlet Y Violet

Gone are the days of daycare-like places to let Pokémon breed. The process seems to be much easier in Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet. This time, players can breed Pokemon at Picnics. Players can leave two Pokemon in the same egg pool at their picnics and there is a chance it will breed and spawn an egg.

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No steps are required to spawn an egg; players can simply idle anywhere in the game and it will produce eggs while you wait. If you’re looking to hunt Shiny through breeding, be sure to find a Ditto and trade it in for a Ditto with a different region than you to increase your Shiny odds.

How to Increase Egg Power for Breeding in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Another new part of Pokemon breeding and probably the most complicated breeding mechanic is sandwiches. You will have to make sandwiches to increase the chance of eggs spawning, which means that you will need certain ingredients to make them.

Gather bananas, butter, and peanut butter at Mesagoza stores. Two stores where you can buy the ingredients, Artisan Bakery and Sure Cans, are on the western side of Mesagoza.

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When setting up your Picnic and choosing to make a Sandwich, look for the Large Peanut Butter Sandwich. This will give you Level Two Egg Power. Egg Power determines how quickly players will find eggs during a picnic. Each large peanut butter sandwich takes 30 minutes.

You can also just buy Alfornada’s Egg Power Level Two Plate at the restaurant in town if you want to spend money instead of taking the time to make each sandwich.

How Breeding Multiple Pokémon During a Picnic Works Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet

The good thing about this new method is that you are not limited to breeding only one Pokémon at a time. You can leave as many Pokemon at the Picnic with a Ditto as you like, and all of those Pokemon will have a chance to spawn an Egg in the basket on the floor near the table.

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When you collect eggs, they won’t go in your inventory, they will go in your boxes. Just take them out and start running to hatch them. If you have a Pokemon with the Flame Body ability, that will help you hatch Eggs faster.

Up to 10 Eggs can be stacked in the basket by the table at your Picnic, so be sure to check it regularly if you’re looking to raise a large number of Eggs.

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