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• Traditional MC, MODUPE EGUABU

Among the notable traditional MCs who are making waves and gradually changing the face of the engagement competition is the beautiful Ms. Modupe Eguabu (Aya_alayo). She is widely known as Alaga Omoluabi, a special title she got courtesy of Goldberg, a brand of Nigerian Breweries. Watching her participate in traditional engagements and weddings is always fun. She is very creative and passionate about art and acting. No wonder many socialites and celebrities don’t joke around with her. She is indeed a hot cake in the industry. Her clients enjoy her service. They like her to be the anchor of her occasion. Recently, City People’s JAMIU ABUBAKAR (08085185886), who has been watching her animate numerous events, engaged her in a chat where she revealed how Goldberg endorsed her as Alaga Omoluabi, a privilege of hers that she enjoys to date. Below are the excerpts:

How long have you been competing in Alaga events?

I’ve been at this for nineteen or twenty years.

20 years in business, what has it been like?

It’s been fun When you do what you like, when you do what you like to do, when you do what you want to do, it’s always going to be fun. Alaga is a ministry in itself. it is a calling. We are called to do things like this. I will say that we are also Ministers in our traditional way.

Let me take you back a bit; How did you start the Alaga business?

Twenty years ago, I started with my boss, who is my mother and mentor. She is the life matron of the Alagas. She is Chief (Ms.) Moronke Aduke Sewoniku. She is a well known Alaga and a veteran in the business. But now she has moved to the United States. I started with her back then. I’ve also worked with a couple of notable Alagas, many of whom are making waves to date. We still meet at events and work together. Like the person I’m working with today, Mama Sokoyokoto. I have been watching and admiring her for a long time. We’ve worked together a couple of times and she’s always fun to work with. So all I would say is that she has been God all along.

Why did you decide to pursue engagement competition?

I was born like this. I am very frank. As a baby, they said he was too cunning. He is from birth. Everything about me is entertainment. I do theater, I date, I have a band and I also sing.

How did you get the endorsement of Alaga Omoluabi?

It’s God Let me say that Nigerian Breweries, Goldberg brand, did their research well. They were looking for what they got. That’s what I would say. That’s why I will always say; anyone who is doing anything in this life please do it with all his heart. Keep doing it right because people are watching you. I think they watched us; they researched, auditioned for us and finally cast me and tagged me as Omoluabi. They were looking for an Omoluabi and to the glory of God, here we are.

What event would you say gave you the opportunity and brought you to the spotlight in the industry?

I’ve done a couple of jobs. I’ve worked with a couple of senators and top politicians. I have worked with well-known people in society, I don’t know. I can’t mention the particular job that made me popular. I have enough of them. I have worked with Senator Aganga-Williams. I have worked with many people and well-known people.

How do you cope with the many challenges of the job?

Let me say that work is not what one can find. You need to learn it because today you can be in Ijebu, tomorrow you are in Osun. So, it means that you really need to learn. When you take the time to learn what you want to do, you can only do it better by adding creativity to what you know. You can’t give what you don’t have. There is no challenge that comes with our work that we cannot handle because we are ambassadors and that is all.

What event would you say gave you the most difficult challenge as a presenter?

Yes, there are jobs like that. There are jobs that when you arrive you realize that your hosts are neither Christian nor Muslim. They are just neutral. And you have to make sure you don’t call Jesus and you have to make sure you don’t call Allah, but you have to do the work! We have seen work like this. We also get some jobs where there are more than enough dignitaries. You have to manage the event. You know it can be challenging.

What does it take to succeed like Alaga in the 21st century?

I would say that the Alagas of our era have more advantages than those that came before us in many ways. We have more elites. The advent of modern technology has really helped many of us trend. If you belong to our era, you will agree with me on this. But we have to congratulate our predecessors. They have really worked hard. They have really gone above and beyond in laying the foundation on which many of us now build our careers. They put so many things in their place. They have really sacrificed a lot and deserve our praise. They have paved the way for many of us and we are reaping what they have worked for in the industry. So now it’s up to us to make sure we don’t sully the profession by stepping out of line to do what we’re not supposed to do. We are ambassadors of culture and everything that happens now is for our benefit if we really know what we are doing.

Is there something that people like you are doing to train and guide the youngest?

Yes! We have classes and we have schools. We have those who are learning from us. Several of us in the industries have been doing it; the likes of Sokoyokoto. Some of them already have schools. Those of us who already have apprentices tell them in our classes that even if you know some things, there are still many other things you should know so as not to exceed your time. We are receiving feedback from customers and our fans. You know people will continue to complain even though they like our styles and modes of acting. Our culture is the source of inspiration, but still, we must warn ourselves in some way. Those of us in this generation can add a lot of value to it. The reason why we have classes to make sure that our apprentices are well cared for, is the culture and traditions of our land.

You are very elegant and always look beautiful at events. What is the secret behind your good looks?

I’m just saying it’s God. It’s nature. I’m like this. This is me anytime, any day. Check out my page, watch me on YouTube; anytime any day, I’m always like this.

What advice would you give to the younger generation in Alaga, who consider you a role model?

What I would tell them is that they should not look at the money attached to the job. They should be passionate about it. When you feel passionate about what you do, you give your best. Your passion first is what is required! it is a ministry. It’s not a business. it’s a calling. So if you want to do what you’re called to do, make sure in your mind that you have a passion for it. First the passion, then the money will come.

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