Here’s How Fayetteville, NC Area Chefs Celebrate Thanksgiving in 2022

For some, Thanksgiving is the biggest cook-a-thon of the year. Hours are spent hovering over pots, mashing potatoes, roasting turkeys, and baking desserts. But does that change when you cook for a living?

Hungry to see how culinary professionals celebrate one of the biggest food festivities of the year, we asked Fayetteville-area chefs and restaurateurs for their Thanksgiving memories and plans.

From enjoying a traditional turkey dinner with the family to hitting the beach, this is how Fayetteville’s culinary professionals celebrate Thanksgiving.

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Zachary Substanley, owner of the Fry Papi food truck.

Zachary Substanley is the chef and owner of Fry Papi, a Fayetteville food truck that serves up fries loaded with roast beef. The culinary veteran has spent many Thanksgivings smoking turkeys and preparing garnishes for restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip. This year he is still cooking, but the public and the menu are different.

The Ohio native is preparing smoked whole goat barbecue, charcoal-roasted squash, and fresh salsas, all of which will be served with warm tortillas for his friends and family.

Substanley said she “loves to play in the kitchen” and Thanksgiving is no exception.

Joyce and Sheldon China, owners of Melvin's at Riverside restaurant at 1130 Person St.

Sheldon China and his wife Joyce own Melvin’s in Riverside, a Person Street restaurant and bakery that bills itself as “Southern comfort food.” After China spent three decades running restaurants in North Carolina, he returned to his native Fayetteville to open a restaurant that serves the dishes his friends and family love.

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