HEB launches a store of branded products

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  • HEB opened its first store display of branded products in Kerrville, Texas, and plans to roll them out to more of its stores next year, according to a company announcement.
  • HEB-branded stores include clothing, accessories, drinkware, toys, and other items bearing the grocery store logo and various slogans. There are “I Love My HEB” socks, “HE-Baby” onesies, and stickers promoting the chain’s cheese sauce.
  • The Texas grocer is following in the footsteps of other storied grocery and convenience store brands that are capitalizing on their iconic brands and loyal consumer following with merchandise stores.

Diving information:

Not many grocery stores can get customers excited about socks sporting their company logo. But HEB, who has a very loyal fan base in the Lone Star State, is one of the few who can probably do it.

The Texas grocer will sell socks along with other apparel, as well as housewares, stickers, beer coozies, water bottles, hats, holiday decorations and more within its HEB Brand Shops, featured as special in-store fixtures. . The stores will sell about 60 items in total, including items that feature the grocery store’s sub-brands, such as HEB Bakery and Café Ole by HEB.

The opening of the brand’s first store in Kerrville is symbolic for HEB, as that is the city where the grocery store was founded 117 years ago. Over the course of 2023, the company will bring its brand stores to stores in all regions where it operates.

Items in the Kerrville store are currently available for home delivery as well as curbside pickup, and shoppers can browse the full selection on HE-B’s site and mobile app.

HEB isn’t the only retailer launching brand name products. In 2019, Publix launched an online store, Fresh Goods, which sells clothing, toys, household items and more. There’s a hoodie celebrating the chain’s tender chicken sandwich, tea towels, and scented candles. Naturally, there are Publix-branded socks, too.

Earlier this year, Instacart unveiled a package of branded products in collaboration with designer Anwar Carrots. Convenience store chains are also cashing in on the trend. 7-Eleven recently opened an online merchandise store featuring merchandise celebrating the c-store brand along with its well-known products like Big Gulp and Slurpee. Wawa and Circle K also offer products that celebrate and promote their brands.

On Cyber ​​Monday, Northeastern convenience store chain, Stewart’s Shops will open an online store that sells name brand clothing and other non-food items along with some grocery items like coffee. The collection includes branded socks, of course.

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