Health and sustainability trends in cakes

At the 2022 International Baking Industry Expo, Cargill showcased its commitment to the baking industry with new solutions that offer enhanced functionality and address prevailing consumer trends around personal and planetary health.

The new product-related announcements targeted basic bakery products, with an expanded line of shortenings for icing. Noted benefits include a creamier texture, greater range of plasticity, and increased temperature tolerance.

“Many glazes are stored at low temperatures, making them difficult to spread,” said Jamie Mavec, senior marketer of global edible oil solutions for Cargill. “Our PalmAgility 507 and PalmAgility 516 Icing Butters offer a creamier texture and cut-off temperature range, making them much better for cake decorators.”

Like all products in the PalmAgility® Bakery Shortening line, PalmAgility 507 and PalmAgility 516 Icing Shortenings were developed for consistent, reliable performance over a wide temperature range. PalmAgility 507 is specially formulated for the ready-to-use icings that are essential for fresh bakeries, while PalmAgility 516 works well in a variety of applications, including those that require freeze-thaw tolerance.

Compared to standard palm-based shortenings, these products have a creamier texture, reduced brittleness and a wider range of plasticity, resulting in smooth, spreadable icings that are easy to use, even when the icing has cold storage state.

indulgence is king

Courtney LeDrew, marketing manager for Cargill Starches, Sweeteners and Texturizers, notes that “indulgence is king, but consumers really want reduced sugar.”

Cargill also revealed significant gains on the sustainability front, adding RSPO-certified segregated palm olein and palm stearin to its North American portfolio. With this announcement, the company becomes one of the first palm oil suppliers to offer a full line of RSPO-certified segregated products. RSPO segregated products offer customers greater security and transparency as they are not commingled: they are kept separate from commercial palm oil supplies, can be traced throughout the supply chain and are produced according to with the criteria established by the RSPO.

In connection with the company’s palm oil sustainability efforts, Cargill’s PalmWise® traceability and sustainability monitoring data platform was recognized as a finalist in the 2022 BEST in Baking Program’s Sustainability award category. Updated quarterly, PalmWise gives customers a window into their specific supply chain, giving them easy access to sustainability data relevant to their palm oil purchases, including traceability details and sustainability performance.

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