Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special Review

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It’s silly and inconsequential, but Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special it still manages to sneak in Gunn’s signature mix of humor and legitimate sentiment.

This review of the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special is spoiler-free.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a long time since Marvel’s last “special appearance”, but I could get used to them. A universe as malleable as this one adapts to specific season outings. werewolf at night it was a great Halloween release and also did some world-building groundwork that will come to fruition later on. Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special is very different, but a worthwhile Christmas release that works the same as all james gunThe material tends to, despite itself.

As if it wasn’t obvious from the title, this is an explicit riff on the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, with animated inserts and a wise sense of evil that is part of the running gag. It’s deliberately not very good in some aspects, which ends up making it surprisingly good when it all comes together. There are two musical numbers, a lot of silliness, and a refreshing sense of inconsistency, even if there’s a decent amount of detail.

The installation runs like this. The Guardians currently live in Meet heretrying to fix the place while Quill (chris pratt) sulks over the loss of Gamora. Kraglin (Sean Gunn), now using Yondu’s Yaka arrow control fin, realizes that it is Christmas on Earth, a holiday that is important to Quill but was apparently ruined for him by Yondu as a child. To make sure the date is special this time, Drax (david bautista) and mantis (Pom Klementieff) decides to give Quill the greatest gift imaginable: Earth’s Mightiest Hero, Kevin Bacon.

What this entails is a ridiculous trip to Earth, where Drax and Mantis get drunk, party, and then try to kidnap Bacon from his luxurious home in the Hollywood Hills. Since the crazy relationship between these two was what people especially enjoyed in guardians of the galaxy vol. two, all this special burns it as fuel. It is true that he leaves out the rest of the team, including a fan groot – but not so much that they don’t have their own individual moments. And besides, Mantis needed development anyway.

And it’s Mantis, I think, who really benefits here, as Klementieff has much more to do with character than in vol. two. Bacon’s presence is welcome, but ultimately feels like a waste as Gunn doesn’t lampoon the public perception of him with any real commitment. However, the plot amounts to a climax that I personally found legitimately moving, with Gunn once again walking that fine line between goofy comedy and genuine sentiment. He might be the best in the business at having his cake and eating it too.

Ultimately, what is there to say? Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special it’s an unabashedly ridiculous little extravaganza to inject some Christmas spirit into late November, and while many people who take themselves and the MCU too seriously will hate it, I don’t see anything here worth getting mad about.

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