Grammy’s 2023: How Harina y Flor got to the gift bags

A simple Google search landed a Manitoba bakery a spot in this year’s Grammy Awards gift bags.

Flour and Flower, a Winnipeg bakery that specializes in made-to-order desserts, will be handing out its petal lollipops to some of the biggest names in music this weekend.

According to Rachel Nedelec, the bakery’s owner, it all started early last month when she Googled celebrity gift bags.

“I’m constantly thinking of ideas that would fit well with Flour and Flower,” he said in an interview on Thursday.

Through her Google search, she found an email address for the company that makes Grammy gift bags and sent a few photos of what she thought would fit the bill. About 24 hours later, they told Nedelec that it had been approved and their products would be submitted.

When Nedelec first got the approval, everything was business as usual and she treated it like any other request. She said the achievement only began to sink in once she received notification that the treats had been delivered.

“In fact, I received an email from the company I have been dealing with. They said we received your product and it is absolutely beautiful,” he said.

“That’s when I said, okay, wow. We’re at the Grammy gift bags.”

The Grammy gift bags will include Flour and Flower Petal Lollipops, which are pure white chocolate with an edible flower. Nedelec chose this gift because they travel well and would arrive in California looking the same as they did when they left Winnipeg.

“Our cookies are too delicate. I haven’t figured out how to ship cupcakes yet, but I knew our chocolate petal popsicles would be perfect and arrive in perfect condition,” she said.

“People really love them. They are such a unique little gift.”

As for which celebrities Nedelec is most excited to try out her creations for, she said she is “shocked” to even think of stars like Adele, Lizzo and Harry Styles holding something she made.

“It’s crazy to think about it,” he said.

Not only Nedelec is enthusiastic about gift bags. She said that since the news broke, the bakery has been getting a lot of phone calls with people saying congratulations.

“It is so touching. The support from the Winnipeggers is just incredible,” she said.

Although his gifts will be in the hands of celebrities at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards, Nedelec will spend the evening watching the show with his loved ones.

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